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Style - some pics from the 2008 SR500 Club rally

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Trevor G, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. It was an absolutely freezing (even for July, but this was November!) Saturday, and I was trialling a new-for-me lens on the shores of Lake Hume.

    I managed just a few acceptable (just acceptable) pics and could not be bothered chasing the riders to a better vantage point and some more "attempts" because of the weather.

    It was 10C outside, with a strong wind blowing, but this guy didn't seem to mind:


    He was the epitome of style, SR500 style: the jeans, the open face helmet, the calico bag and the jacket. And riding a very slightly modded SR, with just a sporty can.

    On the same ride was a guy on a Duc, also demonstrating the sort of style some of us either loathe, or fear to emulate. I think it looks good:


    This is one time that that hideous rack on the back (about a -10 on the style indicator) seems to fade into obscurity.

    And finally, another near-standard SR500. The wilder customs didn't seem to make it out on the unofficial road ride:


    For a few more SR500 on-the-road pics, try here.


    Trevor G
  2. I love these bikes and it's nice that not everyone is trying to ride another Deus. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  3. I almost but didn't make it this year. Thanks for the pics, Trevor, were you there for the whole Rally?

    Here's a write-up from the perspective of the Canberra branch (by the legendary - among SR owners - Stewy Ross) http://home.vtown.com.au/~sross2/?NEWS::ACT_SR_CLUB_46_-_The_'08_Bethanga_Rally

    NB the rumour about SR's coming out next year with EFI... NB also the use made of that rack on the Duc!

  4. Hmmm so they will continue with this bike?

    This is very cool :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

  5. Yeah, I dig it too. While the cafe racer is such a beautiful bike and such (in my opinion the most) beautiful mod for the SR, it's a shame that it's become such an orthodoxy here if you're going to mod the bike: it seems anathema in Australia to do chopper / bobber customs on them, whereas in Asia they go crazy with those styles on SRs.* And the big single suits that stye so well! I put high bars on my bike earlier in the week - I'm talking 60's-style ape hanges - and it looked terrific! I've changed back to lower high bars because I'm going for a more 50s American rockabilly look, but it's great to see how versatile the bike can be aesthetically. Mind you the one problem is the revs - they're a bit too high on the highway, which defeats the purpose of a cruiser. Though, of course, you just stick to the secondary and back roads, and perhaps that is a better way of cruising anyway. But I can understand why more XS650's get the cruiser chop than do SRs which get the BSA Gold Star / cafe racer treatment.

    (* That said, it did win the people's choice award! So maybe I'm imagining things...)

    Check out what thsi guy in Boort did with a KZ440 and a tight budget http://www.choppersaustralia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=381&highlight=boort
  6. Didn't realise you were a member Trevor!

    I still think my bike is better looking than the one that won the best modified. :cool:

    I'm going to take a few weeks off work and ride the SR up to Sydney again, via the Camberra rally. Wouldn't mind seeing Stew and the lads again.
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  8. Good write-up. :)

    I just turned up Saturday morning to get some pics.

    It was too cold getting in and out of the car to go further, :-(

    I know I'm a wuss, but I'm also a fair weather rider these days, with a lot of respect for those who tackle the elements. ;-

    Cheers :)

    Trevor G
  9. Not member - follower. ;-)

    Which is your bike?


  10. Haha, I was joking.

    My bike's still pretty sloppy!