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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nic, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hi

    Just today the bike started stuttering when idling, I noticed this about 2000K ago and it went away after a little while and didn;t think much about it. This time it doesn't want to go away.
    It doesn't stall but just hangs in there, tried increasing the idle doesn't help. It's still ok while riding though.

    Before I book a service and let the mechainc pull it all apart $$$$ , is there anything obvious I should check ?

    I've looked at the air filter. it's a bit dirty but still ok.
    Could an injector be blocked ?


  2. If the bike's carby based, then I'd say the pilot mixture isn't right (mixture out, or some sort of blockage, be it air or fuel). If it's fuel injected then I have no idea!

  3. It's injectoion bike, but I just realised both times this has happened was in reserve, so I'm thinking I need to clean the fuel line and tank out.

  4. Check all vacuum lines and the oil filler.

    Fuel injected vehicles will perform badley if there is any leek on the inlet side.

    After that plugs, then leads.

    Most fuel injection problems come down to these. A lot of fuel injection places make a lot of money by telling customers they need this cleaned and that replaced, when they usually don't.
  5. Check the simple things first, could be a cactus plug or lead, or even a coil.
  6. I checked for cracks in all the fuel/return lines, spark plug leads.
    Everything looks good.

    I put in some fuel system cleaner and will see if it improves, otherwise I'm up for a full tank flush and clean.

    As the problem has apperared only when I was in reserve I'm guessing there is crud in the fuel tank.