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Stu's travels.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by stu_h, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    As some of you know, I have been quietly plotting and scheming my own around oz trip.

    Well, yesterday it began.


    Currently i'm just north of Goulburn NSW In Taralga.

    If you wish to follow my journey check out tumblr.


  2. Looks like great fun, I was in Tahtra yesterday afternoon, attempting some fishing

    If you come anywhere near Wollongong (more specifically at the bottom of Macquarie Pass,) in the evening and need somewhere to stay, I have a warm comfortable spare room and a lock-up garage (y)
  3. Cheers hornet,
    That is very generous of you.
  4. Great stuff Stu ! Safe travels mate and keep the updates coming !
  5. Just checked the website & the photos. VERY nice.

    Ride Safe & Enjoy the trip.
  6. Good to hear, Stu. Enjoy it, mate. Quite jealous here.
  7. Have a good trip Stu, stuck at work in a Melbourne Winter while others are out having fun makes me grumpy.:cry::cry::cry:
  8. Nice piccies, mate. Love your number plate!!
  9. Awesome stuff. Good luck & have fun mate.
  10. If you get as far as NQ give me a shout happy to offer you a bed in Cairns
  11. Cheers guys !

    And yes para I am planning to make it to get up to cairns so Watch out !!
  12. Following! : )
  13. Lots of sun today
    Putty rd
    New tyres
    Sleeping in a dodgy motel in Newcastle. Lol

    Blog updated with loads of pics.
  14. Beautiful weather again today.

    Lots of new pics etc.
  15. Sorry if I've missed this along the way Stu, but how long have you planned for this trip to take?

    Awesome read btw. (y)
  16. Been following your Blog Stu, A little bit of escapism while I am up to my armpits in work. :) Have fun, it sounds like you are.
  17. Awesome stuff Stu =D> !!

    Going to follow you all around Aus ... catch you when you get back :D
  18. Hi Finn.

    Up to two months.

  19. Thanks for watching peeps :)
  20. Hit Qld today.