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Sturgis 2013

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by bonneville53, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hey
    a small group (3) are planning to fly into San Francisco and hire bikes and ride to Sturgis and back. Any advice. Things that must be done. Things to be avoided. my daughter tells me the sea to sky ride out of Vancouver is a must. Sturgis is just a destination for a few nights. the getting there and getting back is what we are going for. so any roads that must be ridden let me know. we plan on being away three weeks. it is my 60th birthday present to myself haha
    regards Paul

  2. sea to ski highway is one of the most amazing roads ive driven on, the views are spectacular. Gets snowy in winter so avoid it then, not so much a knee down road just a nice flowing one with great views and local shit to stop off too on the way.

    Then there are the canyon roads of California, the most famous being the mullholland highway from LA to malibu (i think) and the highway that runs the coast between the major cities from san fran to san diago. Ive not ridden them though. Just general knowledge.
  3. 3 weeks is short if you will be in sturgis for a week.

    I went across the usa in 2010, I loved southern Utah and Colorado for the scenery, especially Moab,UT and the Million Dollar Hwy, Co. Though if you are going to South Dakota, you would have to go via Yellowstone, I never got there but it is supposed to be amazing. Heavy traffic sometimes but especially in Summer.

    Here is a write up I did, the first couple pages might be interestingto you, i went further south though than i would if i was going to Sturgis.

    Watch what you take with you as well, i got very cold at times in July, those mountains are high even Utah is quite high, though it was warmer, Wyoming may be cold and Vancouver as well. It can also be hot it was 44 in Las Vegas which is a killer on the bike so be prepared and stop as necessary.
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  4. good advice vertical. we only plan to be in sturgis for 2 nights (how many burnouts can you smell) then down to yellowstone colardo vegas back to san fran. we may have to allocate a little more time but that is what the planning is for. thermals are on the list for sure. my experience of touring is dont carry very much at all. just a bit of personal stuff and if a leatherman cant fix it then you get help. credit card is the best tool to have. not sure about mobiles and ipads over there. i enjoyed your write up thanks.
  5. What bike you renting?

    Ok then i think 3 weeks is fine then if you are only going to stop for a couple days in sturgis. You can always hit the interstate if you need to put miles down. The limit in the western states is mostly 75 and everyone sits on 10 to 15 above that so thats like 140kmh ish.

    You might want to ask about roads to take on www.advrider.com its adventure touring but lots of road riders on there and tonnes of yanks who will know where to go, thats how i found where to go.

    Million dollar highway Is worth it if you are going to Colorado, though that whole state is amazing riding. Utah is pretty as well.

    I didnt take many tools, my rental had AAA coverage so i would have called them. Eaglerider came and got the bike when i broke it as i was only 100 mile away.

    Just get a sim card over there, you can get calling/sms for $50 a month unlimited, then a international calling card, that gave me coverage pretty well everywhere i tried. They just roam it seems (theres dozens of networks in the usa). I was there a couple years ago and they didnt have data plans on prepaid then. Maybe that has changed, hotels had wifi but most of the time it was charged in the cities, sometimes free though.

    Make sure you get insurance that will cover big bikes, i went with worldcare and they paid when i needed to claim.

    Oh and a warning its hard to get decent food on the road.
  6. well i am hiring a street bob - plenty of power, comfortable, reliable and it is the usa after all
    the Mokee Dugway is on the list
    who did you hire from
    what did you do for medical insurance
    food is always an issue
    sturgis is becoming more of a drive throu situation - after watching the full throttle saloon on fox - like being at the clubhouse after a poker run
    dont need to be ripped off for beer and bedding and have someone vomit over me
    anyway getting an idea of roughly where we are going now
    and the rest we will find out as we go
    loved that meal of yours with the crisps on the plate haha
    take care
  7. hey VC
    i looked at that site where you hired your bike
    now the way you done it has entered the equation
    just have to investigate the alternatives
    at this very moment there are LA pickup and Seattle drop off
    which would work, lot of variables to consider but it might add to the trip
    check ya
  8. Yeah a lot cheaper to get one way rentals.

    The only issue is getting the bike you want, i probably would have wanted a Harley if i was paying full price, being USA and all, i took the Wing because that is what i could get. Though it didnt have the image its a brilliant bike.

    You can check out Street Eagle Rental as well as they have one ways as well, but not as many locations. http://www.streeteagle.com/. Just checked out their site, they dont seem to have them posted anymore (they did when i was looking as i was watching both sites) you have to call them, might be worth sending a email.

    Worth a try, Sturgis time will be hard to get a one way rental though.
  9. Yeah it would be good to see but have to agree bit annoying after a couple days. I found vegas the same, good to see and have a night to gamble but then boring. Same thing over and over.

    I went with worldcare for insurance, they paid when i broke the bike, but you need to get the excess reducible which increases the one way price about $30 iirc per day so be aware of that. The rental company will be able to quote the exact price to reduce the excess.

    I think the insurance was about $200 though i didnt get coverage for some things like lost baggage as that was covered through my credit card, i only got bike insurance cover and medical and evac through worldcare. (the le you mix and match). If you have a gold or above credit card check what the travel insurance covers for that and pay more with worldcare or whoever to top it up with the stuff you need.
  10. Hope you have a blast in Sturgis! I have friends in North Dakota that alwasy make the journey down there.
    Of course they are not travelling as far as you but your trip sounds like one in a lifetime!!
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  11. well after talking to VC and watching "full throttle saloon" on fox we have almost decided to do the ride -san fran to vancouver then over the rockies to sturgis but a month ahead of the rally. doing a delivery like VC halves the cost of the bike but you are punting on one being available. at the moment there is a dyna in LA that has to be taken to seattle. that might work. or we can pay the full hire or change our destination. after sturgis we want to do utah and colorado. the rally started off being a good idea but it looks like a shit fight and everything will be dear as hell. anyway we are still in the planning stages the only definite is we are going to ride some motorcycles around the hills of America and even the planning is exciting. thanks for your good wishes
  12. Good luck, i got my bike about four months out, that is one disadvantage about getiing he one way. Dont save money on the bike and spend it on flights.
  13. I've seen that show too, Bonneville, and its put me off going to Sturgis forever now. At least during the peak of the partying.

    I've driven from LA to SF and have to say it was one of the most beautiful stretches of road I've ever been on. Would do it again in a heartbeat. One of my biggest regrets was not taking a bike with me, and for only doing it over two days. There was dozens and dozens of places I wanted to sit on the cliffs and just watch the clouds roll onto shore and into me.

    Oh, and more broad advice - try and check all your accomodation on tripadvisor. Hasn't bum steered me yet.

  14. The Full Throttle Saloon is only one of many venues involved in the Sturgis Rally.
  15. Don't judge Sturgis by watching "Full Throttle" there are so many other thing's to see and do apart from looking at the thousand's of bikes cruising the street's. The people are friendly, it's a safe atmosphere and believe it or not you don't get ripped off with prices.
    After watching the show I can't wait to go back and have a night at the "Full Throttle".
  16. well flights are booked
    virgin air $1189 one stop over landing in LA
    now to work out the bikes
    i am leaning towards californiaMotorcycleAdventures.com
    any advice as to insurance on bike and body
  17. Worldcare insurance
  18. thanks C
    ill check that out
    hey i have been promoted from a lurker to a registered member
    have to hang up my long raincoat haha
  19. Hey C
    i got the insurance through worldwide like you suggested
    $136 for just about everything imagineable
    that free insurance through your credit card only works if your bike is 200cc or less
    you mentioned you had a breakdown and the insurance came through
    was that an add on to the bike hire
  20. getting closer now (well 5 months)
    landing LA then up the coast to San Fran
    then the redwoods
    down to yosmite and turn left for utah and colorado
    playing it a bit by ear due to weather etc
    local knowledge may direct us somewhat
    getting excited a bit anyway yeh haa
    going with eaglerider cos of the states wide coverage
    plus now that there are five of us we get discount
    so more money for beer and steak
    all five of us getting HD's
    will keep you all updated