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stupidly undid idle cable - zzr250.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cameron, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. i accidentally undid my idle cable from its screw in the carb - im not sure where this screw is.

    i've taken off all my fairings and im unable to locate it. frames in the way from seeing much.

    i googled the problem and came up with this:




    note that the first picture details the gpx250, not the zzr. my carbs do look different, and idle cable on mine is 'long' in that it attaches itself to a crevice near the pegs for easy access, and then curls up and screws into the carbs somewhere.

    any idea on where this screw is?


    any ideas?

  2. screw is on the left (i think), little black knob that comes out just behind the middle fairing on the front. Negates the need to take the fairings off
  3. yeah, thats it on the zzr (gpx is behind fairings i believe)

    but thats not my problem. i was actually adjusting taht little black knob, and went to far, and pulled the entire cable out. now i need to know how to screw it back into the carbs. i just cant find where.

    ive found info regarding the gpx, but the zzr carbs are different (ex250F and ex250H).
  4. ahhhh i get you... it looks like it goes between two vacuum hoses in the carb itself according to the service manual. I honestly gotten that far into the engine yet, so can't help you other than sending you the service manual?
  5. yeh man, that would be good..

    i think im on your msn...
  6. it says engine should be fully warmed up before changing it, but i thought one of the main functions of it was to be able to leave it idling at a higher rpm while warming up so it doesn't stall :?:
  7. have a look at where the throttle cable is attached to the carbs, whilst turning the throttle you will see that the cable is attached to a wheel there should be a bracket or mount, that the idle cable screws into and when adjusted should stop the trottle returning all the way back when released.
  8. check your PM's mate
  9. cheers duff!

    i followed steveguzzi's advice, and had a look at my carbs when i was twisting the throttle.

    where the bracket for the throttle cable is, there was a small alcove for a screw, i srewed the cable in and it stops the thorttle from going all the way back. this makes logical sense, but is it the right thing?

    and im facing another issue - the bike wont start now. the only non cosmetic thing ive played around with is the tank. ive plugged both hoses back, but the bike just wont start. ive tried it witht he thorttle, as well as the choke. no luck.

  10. yes hats where it goes now adjust the cable till it only moves the wheel a few millimeters, try starting the bike full choke no throttle.

    try both res and on positions.
  11. moves the wheel? what do you mean? ive just screwed it in about halfway.

    ive tried starting the bike with the choke and no throttle. ive tried both reserve and primary fuel. nothings working. i dont get it, i didnt touch anything other than the tank, and ive put all the hoses back on the way i took them off...

  12. update:

    i think i know where i've gone wrong; i had the idle screw too far in, so i suspect the throttles been rolled back too far for too long, leaving my carbs completely and badly flooded.

    ive just taken the screw right back off the throttle thingo, and ill wait and see if it starts now.


    yep! it might be 2:30 in the morning but my bikes starting now!

    cheers all!
  13. Yay,

    at 2.30 the neighbors must love you!