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Stupidity - be careful what you put on You Tube

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mikkey, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. From "Sky News":

    From BBC.com:

    Not a very smart fella.......

  2. Does he deserve 12 weeks prison for it though?

    Over there they're using people who help solve serious crimes, murder for example, to identify motorcyclists that are riding by speed cameras at ridiculous speed, doing wheelies etc.

    Surely they've got better things to do than waste resources like that on a bunch of guys wheelying past speed cameras?
  3. Oi ... he was speeding ... worst offence on the planet.
    Murderers, rapists, paedophiles, corrupt politicians, greedy bankers ... they're all innocent little kiddies compared to a speeding motorist ... don't ya know that??!! :wink:

    Strange world we live in I'd say ...
  4. His mistake was admitting that the Youtube video had anything at all to do with him, other than him posting it up.

    An absolute boat-load of videos out there on the net that you can just stumble across if you look for them. Sharing them on Youtube isn't illegal, but you'd have to be a right numpty to ever claim that it was yourself in one of the videos.

    You'd also have to be a right numpty to then go on to claim that the videos were not works of fiction, and were not frame-dropped and sped up, or whatever.
  5. Shit... 12 weeks prison for speeding? WTF? He'll be hanging out with all the murders, gangsters and other violent types and be wondering why the hell society thought he was one of them.

    Australia seems to have demonised a couple of things, speeding, drinking, imported cars etc. Seems very weird.
  6. we are an easy group to demonize. Much like the recent raids on rave parties in Sydney. I would much prefer the police to focus on the loons glassing people than busting a whole heap of people high on eccies. But its easier for the police.

    Take it easy and blast it on the track.

    Agree with why would you even mention the youtube footage?
  7. He wasn't done for speeding, he was done for 2 counts of dangerous driving.
  8. considering a car driver killed a motorcyclist in SA not too long ago because he ran a red light and all he got as a result of his dangerous driving charge was a $100 fine, i'd say 12 weeks gaol for someone who didn't kill anyone is pretty ridiculous.
  9. They showed some of the footage on TV this morning.

    The "Riding on the wrong side of the road" was really just overtaking a car on a dual carriageway. ie. the act of overtaking was what was described as "dangerously

    He popped a few wheelies, including one while overtaking said car ("on the wrong side of the road") did a few burnouts, went around some roundabouts, and the actual speed was fairly indeterminate.

    The guy was a bit of a wanker, but certainly wasn't doing anything that you'd stick anyone in jail for 12 weeks for, especially when no one got hurt.
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  11. It was in England.

    Sounds it. They need to fix up sentencing here and the way various offenses are dealt with.
  12. He wasn't done by his own footage, he was done by his own (idiotic) admission!

    If he shut his mouth they wouldn't have even brought it before the courts.
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    12 weeks jail for that is insane. The law is an ass.

    ....... however, 12 weeks incarceration for his choice in music in that vid is justified IMO.
  14. sounds like they are making a public example of him to try and discorage more people from doing the same thing.

    as if that has ever worked

    I hope he can appeal
  15. methinks the poms just wanted to make a show case out of this.

    a kind of "if you do stupid sh1t on the raod and we find out we're gonna come down hard on ya" but 12 weeks was way too excessive.
  16. Truth.

    My brain just got very confused. When I hear that type of music, I'm supposed to be watching Wesley Snipes stabbing vampires... not motorcycles. WTF?
  17. A car driver reported him and gave his number. Police probably couldn't believe their luck when he came out with the youtube comment.
  18. I'm so sick of the way things are heading. Some guy has a bit of fun and gets hung for it. But what disturbs me is the level of bullshit vigilantism that goes on. You read the comments on hoon related news articles and videos and its always packed with illiterate 'do gooders' saying how he deserves to die and he should be sodomised to death in jail and so on. People who have those thoughts about their fellow man are the people that don't belong on the streets.

  19. Yep. "You popped a wheelie on a deserted road hurting no one? That'll be a slow painful death by sodomy and AIDS for you matey!"

    ...and these people go on to tell everyone how dangerous everyone else is...