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Stupidest thing you did on a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cotso, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. I'am sure this thread has been put up before, but i was thinking back 36 years ago to my first bike.
    "This is not a brag, but just a show of what bullet proof youth lets you do, and why an older brain makes you shake your head. "
    So , I decide to get a bike, 250cc was max for a learner back then, so what do i get ? XL350cc Honda.No courses back then ,just put a L plate on the back and your off. Now i had never ever ridden a motor bike in my life,knew FA about them.I find one that sounded good, don't know why as i new squat. I went Saturday morning from Edithvale to Richmond to view/buy the bike,the guy selling it was a Japanese student going back to Japan.I had to get the guy to show me what the levers were for,i kid you not.
    I bought the bike and rode, well more like wobbled,stalled,skidded,scared people, scared me,was swore at, swore back at people,at least i never dropped it, all the way back to Edithvale in heavy traffic. When i put the stand down and got off,i was shaking, but was hooked.
    Now that must be one of the dumbest of things i have done on a bike.[-X

  2. LOL - don't even get me started. I've done more dumb things than anyone, and those I haven't done myself, I've seen done by other idiots.
  3. Dumbest thing and embarrassing was trying to mount a footpath on William St when I had my gsx750f, hit the gutter with no enough speed, paused mid air and doof, down on the right side lol I laugh now, but what a nob lol
    Passreby helped me right the bugger up and then I used the ramp from then on :)
  4. A different time..a different country.

    Drag racing with 2 other friends on bikes. A pillion with me and on a highway weaving between traffic. No Helmet. And obviously no protective gear.
  5. I've got heaps I could list but the one I'm going to list takes the biggest cut of cake because it put pedistrians at risk... more then usual.

    Certain melbourne CBD Street.



    Short street.

    Red Light.

    Pedestrians crossing.

    Think eye of a needle.
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  6. Lane splitting on a roundabout....who said knee down between cars couldn't be done (knee down not really jokes)! LOL

    *Mutters something about being young and dumb and all that....*

    I'm sure I'd break the interwebs if I listed all the stupid things I've done over the years....but then I've had a damned good time, not hurt myself (dirt bikes are a different story for pain stories!) so what they heck! :D Now I just 'lane' split at the track hehehehe :D:D:D
  7. ^^^ similar to that, overtaking a car mid-corner with a car in the other lane.
  8. Listening to my little brain when my normal brain says 'Gee that's a bit quick'. It turns out it was :)
  9. Convincing a mate back in the 70's to get his brand new Z900 out and go for a 'how fast is it really?' spin when we were both well pi&&ed. No helmets, pitch black and raining, how we both made it back alive I still don't know to this day.
  10. Buying a Honda was dumb.

    Buying another Honda was criminally dumb.
  11. Many years ago, thousands of miles away.

    150cc Bike
    2 Pillions, 'Tripling' as it was called
    Removed number plate
    3 Long necks in hand(s)
    Ride through the police station (Entry-Exit kind) 3 times
    Honk-Honk, Scream-Scream, Swear-Swear
    Escape the on foot chase the third time.

    If we were caught that night, we'd be locked up for days without anyone knowing it and beaten till we collapsed. That was stupid-mad-fun!
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  12. In Bali... 1 x 125cc bike... 3 people... No protective gear... 70ks down the main rd... WOW! However the BBQ ribs at dinner where the best i have ever had.
  13. Not exactly my story, but reminded me of when I was a student at Macquarie Uni in the mid-80s. In late September each year they hold "Conception Day", to celebrate the day the law was passed to establish the uni in the late 60s. (You can imagine the fun the students have with that name...) Anyway, classes run in the morning but the afternoon is set aside for festivities. But strange things happen all throughout the day.

    Macquarie Theatre is tiered and sits 4-500 students, with the front at ground level. It was pretty warm and there was no air-con, but the Education lecturer announced that she was closing the side doors. Her reason was that the previous year in the middle of her giving exactly the same lecture on Conception Day, a student rode through the open doors and out the other side on a motorcycle, wearing only a sheet and a helmet. Half-way across, he removed the sheet.
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  14. Aside from owning more than one Honda (I'm a slow learner :D), possibly my finest moment was badly misjudging an overtaking move and ending up jamming myself through a gap with my left pinky squashed against the mirror of the car I was overtaking and the right hand mirror of the oncoming car brushing the fringes on the right sleeve of my old Lewis Leathers knock-off :shock:. With everyone doing ~70 mph in the old money.

    That or inadvertantly 12 o'clocking my Step-Thru in front of an appreciative chip-shop queue :D.
  15. So many stories...

    I was coming home from Newcastle uni one day, riding the F3 back down towards Gosford where I was renting at the time. I'd had my CBR250RR a few months by then, and although I was still on my L's, I was pretty confident in my abilities. As we all are when we're 19 and bulletproof.

    After a lecture but before I got on the bike, i'd decided to have just one beer at the uni bar before I went home. If you've ever gone to a uni bar for just one, you'll appreciate the irony therein.

    Anyway, I was just past Toronto heading southbound and was coming up on 2 B doubles that were both traveling side by side on a 2 lane stretch of the highway. Neither appeared to be overtaking the other, just kinda side by side blocking traffic.

    Imbued as I was with Liquid courage, testosterone, and no fear of death and injury, I made the split second descision to pass them. I knocked the CBR out of 6th and back down to 4th to get the motor spinning, held the throttle open and aimed for the gap in between the two trailors. I was probably approaching 140-150 by the time I caught up with the back of the trailors.

    It turns out that Semi's displace a huge amount of air as they travel down a freeway, and there's not just a low pressure system behind the trailor, but also on either side of the trailor. The trailor in the left hand lane was slightly nearer me as I reached them, so I was sucked that way first, then I was sucked the other way as I past the other one. Luckily I'd kept the throttle pinned during all of this, so by the time I knew what was happening I was already past the two trucks who had just started honking and flashing as they figured out what the **** that blur of blue and red that had just shot out from between them was.

    Moral of that story, keep the throttle pinned.
  16. Stupidest thing?

    Well, thinking that riding a mates Honda 100 around a drying Lake Mokoan would be a good idea wan't real bright. Who would of thought that it didn't hold enough fuel to make it all the way round.
  17. New bike.
    Torn jeans rear of my left ankle.
    Very, very well lubed stand.
    Busy petrol station.

    = drop.

    Kicked out the stand and when i brought my leg back up my torn jeans must've caught and dragged the stand back into the upright position. I naturally go to hop off the bike completely unawares as all is apparently well only to watch in slow motion my new bike kiss the pavement.

  18. One of my many.

    New 1000cc bike

    Slow car in my lane



    Too much power

    Side mono across multiple lanes of highway

  19. I suppose jumping (or at least falling to jump) a farm dam on a CT110 wasn't real smart either.

    The only stupid thing I've done that I actually regret was falling of the Bandit because I was stupid enough to try and keep up with an obviously better and faster rider. Although right up to the point where I hit the ground I was enjoying myself.