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Stupid Xena disklock (Pictures Pag 2)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by munecito, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Bloody thing is supposed to have an alarm and it didn't go off. Was running late this morning and didn't check (I know stupid thing to do or to not do).

    Result: Me having to lay down the bike in slow motion. No damage other than some little scratches in the handguard.

    Lucky the bloody thing snapped (it wasn't supposed to) and didn't cause any damage to the disk, fork or caliper. I was just taking off so no handlebar flying involved.

    Guess who is not using disklocks anymore?

    I may take a picture of the damn thing tonight.


  2. After doing the *clunk* *errk* *fall* @#$$%%^ Disk Lock thing 3 times in 3 years (yes I'm a slow learner) I decided that the cost of owning and using a disk lock would likely be more than the cost of getting the bike stolen once every 10 years :LOL:
  3. Where are your reminder tags ???
  4. This is my thought, Having a disklock with out a reminder cord is just asking for trouble.
  5. It has an alarm so it is supposed to go off at 110Db to let you know it is still attached.

  6. Definitely not on their handlebars when they put the disc lock on :wink:
  7. My learned and valued opinion is that the bl00dy things cause more costs and damages than they prevent.
  8. ...reminders... are well worth their cost... OR take a "chipper for kesh" wog approach and use a plastic tie from a bread bag. Rip off one "leg" and you're left with an L shape bit of plastic that fits perfectly into your ignition. :idea:

    Alternatively, once disclocked, roll the bike forward so the lock is hard up against the brake calipers - that way there's no roll forward if you accidentally forget - all that happens is that the nose just dives down, but you usually still have your feet on the ground so avoid the fall.

    Yep, I forgot once and did the netrider logo bike falling over trick. :LOL: Once was enough!

    ...Munce, was the battery dead? And what broke???
  9. You have to wait for the beep to know that the alarm is on :) Always wait for it, its only on a 5 second delay.
  10. Who says the disc lock has to go through the front one??

    Use the back one and you only move forward a few inches (unless you are parked front in :p )
  11. :-k never liked rear disc locking. Much messier alternative on my bikes - including possible swing arm damage...

    ...meh... Amev Shmaymev... whatever! :grin:
  12. reminder cord thingy is the best!
  13. Yes it did activate when I put it on last time. Just didn't go off when it was ment to.

  14. i find disklocks on a new bike make no sense. if your steering lock works, and/or if you have an immobiliser whats the point? with those two features the only way to steal the bike is by lifting it onto a trailer - something a discklock wont stop.
  15. The bread seal is a good idea. A little too flimsy for my liking.
    I use a cable tie pulled trough itself and trimmed and bang that in the ignition.

    Well, when I say I do.......I hardly ever use a disk lock these days.

    Last time I used it was when I parked on Ferrars road when I was working at the Grand Prix.

    Other than that, if they really want it, they are going to get it.
  16. Steering lock works but have no inmobiliser. Remember the steering lock works with the main switch, so it you manage to turn it with, let's say, a screwdriver the steering lock will release.

    Robsalvv, the thing broke at the little flap thingy that wraps around the disk.

  17. Well thats just lame. Sue, Sue I say :D
  18. dude thats sux.

    happened to me too. the battery is either dead or the alarm was dead because of constant rain. i bought cheapest one which didn't have water resistant (didn't know this model exist)

    well i moved the bike after a snow trip, and luckily didn't the damage the brake yet when i realised
  19. Each time it happened to me it was dark.

    Where I used to live was in the country and when it was moonless it was pitch black.

    The only way I'd see a cord or a tag on a moonless night would be if they were flouro and glowed in the dark...
  20. Pictures of the bloody thing: