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Stupid Weatherman

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nicarus, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. I know I should have expected it, but still...

    I've been looking at the extended forecast for this week and figured each day I would assess the weather again and decide that day whether or not to ride. Sounds simple :).

    Today - light early showers predicted. That's fine - it had finished raining by the time I was ready to leave, and I figure tonight I'm going juggling, so even if there is some rain later on I shouldn't be riding home until about 11.

    Now - Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Damaging winds and large hailstones are likely. Great.

    So here I am, sitting at work, hoping that this thing goes away shortly. Now I have always been of the opinion that the weatherman predicted the weather at a craps table, simply throwing the dice to decide what was going to happen. Tonight has done nothing but validate my opinion in my own little twisted mind.

    If these people are paid to do what they do, I sure do hope it is comission based.
  2. can never trust it!
  3. Be fair, early summer weather in Brisbane is a lottery at the best of time. Just make sure the bike is under cover in case that rain includes hail :shock:.
  4. There's a small section in the carpark under the office we can hide bikes :grin:. That's part of the reason I started riding to work (that, and I really wanted to anyway :p).
  5. Nicarus, learn to use the BOM.gov.au website and predict the weather using the radar and rainfall images!!
  6. Been sitting there for the last 3 hours watching it, but thanks for the hint. Site is now bookmarked.

    Looks like everything has passed, so I'm about to head off and start throwing as much stuff in the air as possible \:D/. Here's hoping for an incident free ride home later tonight.