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Stupid things we do.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Almost had a head on with some guy on a cruiser today, he overtook the car in front of him by going over the oncoming right turn lane (the right hand bit in between the lanes you can stop and wait for traffic to go past in) which i was pulling into to turn right as he was pulling into it almost causing him to become the Hyundai's new hood ornament.

    Struck me as a little stupid, he could of waited till i was past then he would of known there was nothing to run into but obviously he couldn't wait 1 and a half seconds. (Hardley Davidson)

    What are some of the things you have done that you know are stupid and shouldn't do again (not high speed splitting, there is nothing wrong with that)

    I would list the things i do that are stupid but i cant think of any, :angel: (possibly the high speed lane splitting)

  2. are there restrictions on entries? If not I'd put jumping off a 20 metre rock without depth checking up there. Followed by jumping the Kiama blowhole, but I'd totally do that again. I can think of quite a list actually...
  3. Haha Lilley, I chickened out of jumping the blowhole at the last minute, I was talkin tough at the pub then when faced with the actual blowhole, I piked out.

    But my Dad and his sister used to swim INTO it and climb up. Crazy people!
  4. Sounds like my experience today on the Black Spur. Rounding a left hander, Mr Cool Harley comes flying round in my lane. At his speed, he just stares at me and wobbles. I brake and counter steer. If I was a car - unable to do the quick manouvering which I did but he should have done - he'd have been a hood ornament! At the point where we passed he was still well within my lane! My advice to him: if your out on your self-esteem accessory for its monthly (in summer) ride, don't out-ride your limited skill level ;)
  5. ;)
    Fifi, do you know how deep the water is at the entrance of the tunnel into the blowhole? I've had a look at it before, but never checked. It looks prime for an underwater rock shelf right there.

    Without entering a pissing match, I think the most stupid award for me goes to approaching a roundabout at 100 in the rain in my deceased charade. It was a crazy night and unsuprisingly I ended up having a minor bingle later that night.
  6. Is it ladylike for women to enter a pissing match? :grin:
  7. Well they have a fair chance if everybody abide by the "no hands" rule.
  8. :LOL: Ok, it was pretty stupid to do a burnout in my nan's excel just before the police drove past one time.
    And stupid to climb halfway down a cliff at 8.30am after a 3 day bender 10 years ago to see what was in a cave down there.
    And it was stupid to try and take a corner at about 60 k's with bald tyres in the rain in my first car when my Dad was the next car to happen along and find me and mates trying to roll the car back onto it's wheels. No chance of the car "having been stolen while at a mates place" to get out of that one.
    Very stupid to ever tell Daz that my one free pass is Johnny Depp. Now he'll never let me get near him. :-({|=
  9. Overtaking a semi when there appeared to be lots of room in my company Vauxhall Astra. The truck coming the other way performed miracles and I ended up an embankment and when he came over to call me a 'Richard Head' I was in no position to disagree with him.
  10. Other then silly mistakes when I haven't been concentrating, two spring to mind
    Was burning up though the Black Spur when it was still 100 (was on the 250), two corners before the top (The sweeper with the armco), I passed a firetrack with a car parked on it, just before the turn-in. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, Had an "Oh Shit" moment, spent my $10 all on that (To this day, I don't know why) and missed the turn in for the next corner, causing me run, oh, 3/4 across the oncoming lane. 8-[ Had been an "in the zone" run up to that point, too.

    Back when I had my Sigma (grouse car, spare rear drivelines and transmissions only cost $140 each!) I decided to have a little fun doing a U-turn at the lights (back when I was a "hoon P-plater", according to Bracksy).
    It was dark, so I could see only a couple of pairs headlights in the oncoming lane. It didn't occur to me one was a fully marked police car.... (got off with a warning, though...):oops:
  11. trying to ride with no hands
  12. Filtering up between stationary traffic and encountering a gap... which has someone turning right across the stopped lane coming through it... to my shame, it happened to me both on the way to and on the way home from work on Friday (first time in months) - I would have hoped I'd be smart enough to only need one reminder...
  13. Giving a chick the thumbs up while rounding a corner with the knee on the deck then crashing.... yes she was hot and no it wasn't worth it!

    :facepalm: why did i just admit to that!
  14. Driving back to Sydney from the snow in my brother's HK Kingswood (he was asleep) when I was just (like about a month) off my P's - 'Gee I wonder if this heap will do the ton'. This was way back when the Hume was a single lane highway. First speeding fine. May as well make it a good one :)

    Getting married at 19...
  15. Now that's a story!

    All the important details and everything.

    Nothing to be ashamed of, N4R.
  16. Probably when me and a mate took his dads old v8 rangerover for a spin around boat harbour when his dad was away, got bogged and spent a hour digging it out of sand with a fence paling we found, in a strong wind that was whipping the sand in our faces and eyes, we were getting nowhere, when during a break i hear him say, hmmmn whats this differential lock thing here? 1 button push and the range rover was free in 2 seconds grrrrrrrrrrrr. karma i guess for being little bastards.
    It just goes ahead of deciding when drunk to pee on the back of a car near a pub for cover, only to discover it was a detectives car, who was still inside it at the time :-w
  17. Many years ago, a drive in the country was interupted by the camgear teeth in my HR sedan deciding they'd rather play in the sump than keep making the camshaft go round..
    Luckily we werent more than a mile or so from a farmhouse so we walked back to the farm and used their phone to call a mate. 2 hours later he shows up and we head back to the car to tow it home.
    Half an hour down the road he's driving like I'm not connected to the back of his car with a piece rope.. we'd passed half a doqzen cars or so and there's a long strraight stretch ahead, so I pulled out to go past him.
    Then remembered the rope..
  18. Car surfing when I was a teenager, dumb...
  19. playing paint ball with bike helmets and Daisy rifles. Got a few.
  20. Riding with no hands needn't be stupid - place and time. It *is* illegal though, so again, place and time.