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Stupid things we do, episode #65758

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heinz_Guderian, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. So I told a mate he could use my YZF750, sitting around gathering dust becasue I can only keep two bikes and one car registered- if he put 6 months' reg on it.

    He came over on the weekend and we sorted the little things it needed- chain rivet link*, bleed brakes, swap bald front tyre for half-worn one taken from the KTM.

    Battery's dead so I roll start the bike, leave it on the driveway revving at full choke, go inside, phone rings.... ten minutes later I return to steam and pissing coolant. The belly pan decals are bubbled and the plastic fairings are soft from heat radiating off the red-hot headers. They are now just a touch buckled as well.


    * boo! to the prominent Canberra Kawasaki dealer who, when I asked them for a chain with a rivet, sold me one with a clip. When I returned it, they said they'd get the right one in, then two days later they sold me the same one I'd bought in the first place! Having to use what I had, I installed it, and, yes, the clip lasted two rides.

  2. Hot bike, mate!
  3. :shock:
    Wouldnt that PISS you off ..
  4. wow! excuse my ignorance but leaving it revving with the choke on made it overheat that quickly? is that normal?
  5. sounds like a quick way to foul the plugs though!
  6. Smidge: it heated up a bit quickly but within 'normal' boundaries... the thermo fans on the YZF cut in very late and don't blow that hard. The bike runs cool whenever it's used normally. The lack of reflective foil (after respray) on the inside of the fairing was what made them melt. Once the headers are red-hot there's not much that can be done to get rid of that heat.

    Yeah, the plugs were fouled until a good hard ride on the thing a day or two later.
  7. ^^ That sux.