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Stupid, stupid, stupid me!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. No I wasn't using a mobile phone on the bike. But the "lack of attention" to the task at hand caught me out.
    Finally, after spending hours and hours, getting the (wifes) bike fixed I took it for a run last Friday to the post office then to fuel it up. Posted the mail, then to the servo. On the way I checked (by looking) to see if the fuel tap was on reserve, which it was. So I proceeded to turn it back to the "On" position. Damn it's tight! Now which way does it go (looking down again), clockwise or anticlockwise? Ah good turned this time.
    Oh sheesh..heading for a kerb, ok no problem, I'll just ride over it. Didn't hit the brake..and successfully mounted the kerb. The front rim took an impact which I stopped to check. Couldn't be too bad as the tyre wasn't going down. Damn, the outer edge was a little splayed. Fueled up, and took it for a gentle ride to scrub the new rear tyre in. Hmm. a little bit of vibration in the front? So I jacked the front up when I got home and found the inner rim flattened.
    Oh sheesh...we are leaving for WA in a fortnight. What to do?
    Findapart had results in 3 hours. Paid for the second hand rim on Friday, It was posted from Sydney Monday and arrived here on Wednesday. All is good.

    I've come to the conclusion that I had time to counter steer away from the kerb...but why didn't I?

    I had trouble with a sharp countersteering task that HART done a couple of years ago. OK I definitely need to do more practice.

    The other is that initially I only had my right hand on the grip, so maybe pull right go left wasn't in the emergency kettle of tricks?

    But whatever...it would have been avoided, had I not taken my attention away from the road.

    Take care!

  2. That's the moral of the story. These things are so much fun sometimes we forget how much trouble you can get yourself into.

    Take care!
  3. While i wasn't on the bike at the time, I'd say heading straight and using the time available to balance yourself for mounting the curb, was the less riskier of the two options.
    Put it this way, if you attempted to countersteer and fluffed it, you may have found yourself over the bars and NOT going to WA any time soon.
    You're in one piece - it's just a rim - don't sweat it.
    Enjoy your trip, have fun now.
  4. You intuited a safe exit and followed it through safely.

    Perhaps you may have had alternatives but it sounds like you chose well.
  5. good to hear it worked out and your ok.

    well, glad Im not the only one that almost losses it when I fiddle with the reserve switch. Doesnt matter how many times I tell myself the right direction to swing it I still get a mental block when faffing around with one hand as Im riding..
  6. I agree. Better to commit to riding over something in a controlled manner, than clip it a glancing blow when countersteering or braking.
    A new rim? Pfft, could have been worse by far.
    That ZZR is having a hard life eh!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. And I'm not riding again it before we leave. :oops:
  8. Yeah, you should test ride the repair job, I reckon.
  9. a squirt of go and a bit of clutch slippage and you might of been able to lift the front right onto the curb :D
  10. glad to hear u're ok
  11. Hmmm....sadly you're right. Crap, why why didn't I think of that at the time?
  12. How's the zed's front suspension, hasn't been kinked at all? Quite a big knock to damage a rim.

    And glad you came through okay
  13. next bike will be injected then ey? :LOL:
  14. Meaning an electric fuel pump? It already has an electric pump...and a fuel gauge, and still has a fuel tap, with On, Off and Reserve. :roll: