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Stupid stupid stupid (left the disc lock on)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Omarko, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. hey guys

    just thought I might share my newbie mistake I made few days ago. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to anyone who just started riding and may be doing the same mistake.

    So I left the Xena disclock on .... and of course, I do not have a reminder. What happened when I took off ? ouch ...

    the bike was behind my car (horizontally to it, so aligned with the back) and when I moved , I dropped the bike on the car!!! I was so spewing at my stupidity. Damage was very very minor, the pillion seat hit the rear bumper on the car and I managed to catch the rest of the weight with my leg but still ... my ego was hurt especially cause my neighbor was looking at me.

    First thing im doing today on my way home is to get a reminder cord for the disc lock!!!!!!

    so yeah, remember to always check if you took it off if you are not using the reminder cable.
  2. Cheaper option to just put lock on back disc :wink:
  3. Why everyone doesn't do this is a mystery to me :roll:
  4. pardon my stupid question, but how is it different?
  5. Ride forward, and you've only got a a very short distance before the lock hits the brake

    If backing your bike, obviously more rotation of the wheel, but when the sudden stop hits, your weight isn't over the front wheel where it is likely to go down
  6. oh of course, I understand ..... thanks ...

    still, the reminder cord is like $6 :) worth the expense
  7. The reminder for my Xena disc lock is the alarm. I've never been able to move the bike without setting it off.
  8. i usually try to park my bikesomewhere where it can only be rolled one direction to get out. then place the lock on the corresponding side, so there is naught but a cm or 2 of roll before the lock hits the brake caliper.

    i was stupid enough to rush n buy a disc lock before checking the size of the disc :LOL: so i cant fit the reminder cable in the lock too, the disc is too deep it only just fits by itself.
    you remember to check from habit after a while.
  9. another stupid thing on my part ... I took the batteries out from the disc lock because the alarm was just going off by itself all the time and was annoying.
  10. I attach mine to my ankle for extra comfort! :grin:
  11. I'm not sure you'll need a reminder cord, it's seems like a mistake you'll only make once.
  12. Famous last words! :LOL:

    Yes i did it twice :oops:
  13. wouldn't it be just easier to have insurance on it :wink:
  14. I don't use one anymore.

    I did it 3 times (the 3rd time with the lock on the back wheel).

    The 1st time I dropped the bike, the 2nd time I dropped the bike, the 3rd time it damaged the rear caliper.

    It would have been cheaper to have the bike stolen.

    These days I just rely on my insurance and if it gets stolen it gets stolen... at least it won't be falling over with me on it!
  15. well the bike is brand new ... so the chances of it getting stolen are high .... I wouldn't want to go through the hassles with insurance (yes, my baby is insured, freakin $1300 a year) ...

    Im still set on the reminder cord ...

    Im glad im not the only one who did this though ...
  16. Bad luck...I did catch myself having a little laughter at my own mental imagery then quickly remembered that I thought I'd not drop my bike in the driveway...:oops:

    I will get myself a reminder cord, to be sure, to be sure.

  17. Don't YOU whinge about high insurance! :evil: Us youngins get the really cool prices :roll:

    If only i could get a fake id that said i was over 30... the insurance jockeys would love me! :LOL:
  18. If you only use the lock every so often the chance of you forgetting its on are higher. So either use it all the time or not at all. :p

    Ohh P.s I think if you put it on the front disc you are more likely to see it while you approach.

    But if your worried about your bike being stolen and think a disc lock is going to stop a theft, lol.
  19. I thought about buying a disc lock... but after considering it for a while I figured my Hyosung is a better anti-theft device than anything I can put on it :LOL:
  20. Just put one of those little white bread tags in the ignition.

    Does the trick and it's free.