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Stupid Stupid People!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Toya, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. I was driving the other day and a scooter going in the opposite caught my eye....because at the feet of the rider was a dog!!!!
    This is on a main Road (Highway actually), and this person is riding along, without a care in the world, and there is this bulldog with its head poked out the side of the scooter watching where they are going!!!
    Whatever is next.....??

  2. well i hope it didn't get you distracted while driving
  3. well don't people carry dogs on motorcycles??? I don't see the difference :?

    I agree it's wrong but i don't believe there is a law against it.....
  4. Cool! :)

    I saw a tool bag placed on the handle bars and with a hole cut in it, through which the goggled cat would stick his head. I've always dreamed of fibreglass and perspex tank with a layer in which was water adequate enough for the fish I'd place in there, but I suspect the vibration and noise would get to them.
  5. You obviously aint been to Asia.Ive seen 5 generations on 1 scooter :shock: with livestock and shopping ta boot

    Kentucky Fried Duck anyone

    What a basked to ride
  6. I don't really see the problem.
    Ever watched any of Mordeth13's vids?
  7. [​IMG]

    I can't see a problem either :)
  8. Probably safer tucked into a scooter than as a pillion on the back of a bike .
  9. In some Asian countries, they take there entire family on one scooter or small cc bike, seriously.
  10. At some point I'm definitely getting a sidecar and flying goggles for my dog.
  11. Yeah, these dickheads that ride scooters.

    nb: I don't see the problem with the dog.
  12. Which would upset you more then:

    a) Dog at feet of rider on a moving scooter >60km/hr?


    b) Dog locked in a car with totally closed windows, parked in the sun?
  13. Unless it was a seeing-eye dog, I don't really see the problem...
  14. In Thailand, Before the new law came out that you can only caryy 1 pivilion. There used to be a whole family on a 125cc bike (2 grown ups and 2 kids, Typically 1high scholl kid and 1 primary school kid).

    The other thing that I normally see there is peole on vespas carrying 7-9 long rolls of clothing matterial. They stick lout the back of the scooter...

    I think the most dangerous is probably gas bottles. They can deliver 3 gas bottles at once(the one we aust. used for bbq). What would happen if he came off???
  15. Do they delivery the dog and the BBQ bottle together? because that would be handy.
  16. It's illegal to carry an unrestrained animal in a vehicle in Vic. Probably in most other states now too.
  17. To be honest I think if I was going to take my dog on the bike I'd tether her to me with a chest harness. I would never tie a dog to a bike.
  18. Im pretty sure if theu want to they can. :grin:
  19. Sorry if it sounds like I am over-reacting...I have just seen too many dogs hanging off the side of utes after an accident..so I guess I get a little sensitive to animals being transported unrestrained.
  20. the rider was probably blind and he had his guide dog at his side :p