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Stupid Sonja!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sonja, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. ](*,) ](*,)

    I dropped my bike for only the second time last night. :facepalm:

    ](*,) ](*,)
  2. :oops: I was off in la-la land when putting her in the garage last night and clean forgot to put down the side stand... :oops:
  3. Well, after stressin' about not having you 'duke' yet, the other day, I bet you're glad now :grin:
  4. i feel for you sonja. gotta say i have almost done that many a time...
  5. Bummer Sonja. I hope you didn't hurt yourself and the bike didn't acquire too much damage.
  6. that's a bugger :(

    At least your honest, wonder how many other netriders have done similar, but wont admit it??? :grin:

    I haven't forgotten to put the side stand down, but I have done other silliness, like ridden off with it down :facepalm:

  7. D*mn straight!
    I was fine, albeit extremely p*ssed off. The bike is alright, I just broke the cover on my left-hand indicator. Shouldn't cost too much to replace.
  8. Ouch.

    At least you didn't drop while riding.
    Injured pride is better than injured body.
  9. i've been told these are famous last words........ :wink:

    but on a GPX you should be right :)
  10. Don't sweat about it too much. Must have been the day for it. Had to push my bike out of the traffic when it suddenly died after adjusting the mirror, which I realised several minutes later, is just above the killswitch....

    A mate in Sydney collected his new Beemer and did the same as you. He picked it up with too much gusto and it went over on the other side as well.
  11. How many of us have nearly done it! Probably quite a few. I haven't actually done it but have come { } this close. Now attempting to ride off with the stand down? Yep I've done it except my bike has a side stand kill switch. ](*,)
  12. Me too...

    I also snapped the clutch cable in heavy traffic one night. That was soooo much fun.
  13. Well here's one, and more than once, but not for quite a few years. I did clip the edge of the shed door with the handlebars of my Valkyrie a few years back, and down it went, 320 kilos of it, with me underneath. At least my legs protected the paintwork... :roll:
  14. I did it walking the bike bacwards out of teh old place... :oops: fell down and I swore slie a dockworker for a few minutes... dreadding what had happened I picked it up and the peg bracket was broken, along with teh indicator and a bent lever...

    This is the sole reason I hate mondays...
  15. :rofl:
    Only people with motorbikes could ever say something like that!
  16. not by me but my father.

    every day when he got home he would ride his bike between the garage and verandah post.....bike fitted with about 15cm gap each side.

    Then he bought i nice BMW with paniers........ and did it again when he got home......... needless to say it didn't fit!!... paniers were ok but it bent the mounting rails.
  17. I've mentioned it before but the dumbest thing I've done that is similar was pushing my bike out of the garage into the driveway that had lots of sand/dirt/concrete bits and I grabbed the front brake too much, front tyre slid out, bike slowly fell and landed on it's side. I was mega peeved but I think only damage was a scratched front brake lever.
  18. I once pushed a bike of its centre stand....forgetting I hadn't replaced the rear wheel yet. :oops:

    Fortunately, it was on a wood floor (shed) and landed perfectly squarely on the brake disc - no damage other than my pride. :roll:
  19. doh!!!

    I did it with my gpx.

    It happens but I still feel stupid about doing it.