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Stupid smoker... do I report her?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DAMon17, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Report them into the EPA and let them cop the fine

  2. Get over it

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  3. give them a right hook

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  1. Last night riding home, I was on the Western Ring Road when I saw a hand holding a cigarette come out of the passenger window of the car in front of me and throw it out. I barely had time to register before the butt hit me in the shoulder. I'm pretty sure it was still lit too since I got smoke in my helmet.

    I was (understandably I think) pretty pissed off about this and rode up next to the car to give her a earful. She just ignored me.

    SOOOO not normally being much of a "dobber" I'm left wondering what you people out there think of really sticking it to her by reporting it to the EPA. At least that way she cops a fine, might think twice about it in the future (we are entering bushfire season) and hopefully (fingers crossed) she might remember me and know that I did it.
  2. Report Them!

    My work mate actually makes it a huge point of reporting littering. He's always got pen and paper handy whilst driving. Just try and remember as mucgh detail about the vehicle and driver as possible and send it in.

    Trust me they do take submissions very seriously and issue fines based on your report, as long as enough detail is submitted!
  3. Let's see, I remember the make, model, number plate, time of incident, description of the driver and the place.

    Reckon that would be enough? :grin:
  4. That will do it, and there is a "dob in an idiot" line too......

    Having lived in rural / semi rural areas for most of my life, I've seen what a ciggy butt can do :demon: and it's not pretty

    DOB them IN!
  5. yup do it mate!!

    Seriously, with dry months ahead smokers need to triple think about throwing fire starters out the window..
  6. Well DaMon17 i have one thing to say.

    Suck it up princess

    I think that pink glitter guitar you have is turning you soft :p
  7. Pure jealousy Kaine. You just wish you could strap on a sparkly guitar and make it look cool like I do!
  8. Report it.

    You need to register as a "reporter" (for online reporting) and once done, you can report away.
    Or just phone them.

    Each and every smoke butt that goes out of the window I will report.
  9. You have never copped a chest full of hot "fag end" or seen the end result (or put one out), have you?

    It shows.

    I'm with Vic on this one. I will (and have) reported these morons!
  10. Her stupidity.
    Your safety
    Burn the biatch!
  11. Hey thetramp64, DaMon17 is a friend of mine and just giving him a hard time.. don't pay any attention to me.
  12. I am not a dobber by habit but I would possibly do it, I got done a couple of years ago and the look I got from my missus was enough to make me stop smoking! I even got off the fine. :LOL:
  13. Make the call. I f*cking detest litterbugs. The fact it hit you just makes it worse.
  14. Had this happen to me when I first got my L's.
    I rode up to the guys window and gave him a mouthful, then proceeded to sing his rego in my head all the way home :oops:
    I did an online report, not sure if he got fined or not, but at least I felt better.
  15. Throwing litter from a car
    Where litter is thrown or dropped from a motor vehicle, the Environment Protection Act 1970 deems the driver of the vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle and any person authorised by the registered owner to use the vehicle at that time to be guilty of the offence of depositing litter.

    From HERE

    From my PIN book
    Summary Offence: Deposit burning litter (including cigarett butt) $220
    Act or instrument creating Offence: 45E of the Environmental Protection Act 1970 (act 8056)
  16. I detest smokers, they make every thing smell, and flicked cigarette butts can start bush fires and butts on the street also look disgusting

    So definitely dob them in, and hopefully they will learn that smoking is baaaaad
  17. Well it seems that, overwhelmingly, people think I should report her. Which I have now done. It's a pity there is no section to say "The dude on the motorbike that you hit sends his regards..." Be nice if she knew it was me :grin:

    Interesting that none of the people who polled for me to "get over it" responded to the topic. I would like to hear a compelling argument as to why she should get away with something that everybody knows is illegal, dangerous and environmentally damaging.

    Thanks for your replies!!
  18. I'm a smoker, who is very careful with my butts...do you detest me??? how does fcuk you sound??????
  19. Sounds like you're trying to go cold turkey. Go on, have a smoke. You know you want it. :p

    j/k :wink:
  20. Only if you smoke near me!!

    in your house / car is fine, and if you are good with your butts then good on ya =D
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