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Stupid safety stickers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DangerFox, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I can't get the stupid sticker off the top of my tank and on my fairings... 1 came off alright but the others delaminated and now they are like super sticky paper that will never come off.... Anu tips?

  2. Small amount of lighter-fluid on a napkin, massage that into the residue and it should come out fine.

    Unless the fluid's gonna stuff up your paintwork... Organic chem, I know nahrsseenk of.
  3. try eucalyptus oil
  4. I did that all it did was spread the sticky crap everywhere... :( it just tears off in little tiny microscopic pieces and is almost cemented on
  5. Mate get your self some grease and wax remover (available at super cheap auto etc ) soak a rag with it and leave the rag sitting on the sticker for 15 minutes or so then wipe off .
  6. Metho, soak it then wipe off
  7. Engine degreaser on a rag. Wipes right off.
  8. Kero, metho etc, I find shellite works great guns on sticky crap though.
  9. Citrus cleaner! I got Dsolv-it over here, for exactly this purpose. Wipes right off.
  10. Good tip is to use a hair dryer and heat them up. Then you can get them off easier. You can still heat up whats left there and just keep picking away. Been there done that and once you get it all off give the areas a polish and it will come up like new. :grin:
  11. Grab a greenie by the hair and rub the sticky bits on your bike until removed. Then release the greenie and kick him/her up the butt telling them to get the hell off your property.... :twisted:
  12. Bug and Tar remover, also great for getting chain oil off shiny new pipes!
  13. If all else fails 2k paint thinner.
  14. Because that couldn't possible go wrong. :)
  15. Do Not !!!!! under any circumstance use 2K or any other thinner unless you are absolutely sure that the paint on your bike is original and 2K or Baked enamel !! I am a Tradesman Spraypainter and i can assure you that if you do it will end up in teers.
  16. it's a brand spanking (1 month old) new suzuki
  17. dude give it a blow

    the hair dryer is my fave. peeled off tapes off my wall pretty impresive
  18. And the winner is......

    Hair Dryer

  19. That industry cleaner stuff is awesome. We use to have to clean permanent marker off stainless steel stuff all the time. Metho would take forever but the industry grade cleaner, you spray it on and when it dripped down past the marker, the marker would drip down with it. You didnt even have to wipe it really haha.