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N/A | National Stupid rules you probably weren't aware of

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Just read its technically illegal to "walk" your bike away from the petrol bowser without wearing your helmet! I do it often - plain courtesy to make room for the next guy before going off to pay. I haven't seen those "remove helmet before paying" stickers at the servo for a while - maybe we're allowed to keep them on the whole time while when filling up and paying (even if your not a Muslim chick).

    There are also a few more stupid rules here. Helmet and riding rules you didn’t know - Motorbike Writer

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  2. That's a good question.
    Are we allowed to keep helmets on at servos, even while paying at counter?
  3. I would say it's legal but it seems like a common courtesy to take the helmet off.
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  4. i wear my helmet in the servo, haven't been told off yet.

    but If i pick up a double bloody decker and want to eat that before I ride off, I'll probably first gear/clutch role it without a helmet to the parking area.

    I reckon the police man would have to be a real knob to sting you for that.

    I've even roled my bike in first with no helmet, to the side of the road in a RBT stop, cop was like just role it over there, no need to put the helmet on I wont sting you for that
  5. A good thread!

    To add to the list:

    - No longer permitted to overtake on a single white line in Victoria (Since 2009 I believe)

    - Not allowed to attach gopro or other accessories to your helmet (under debate)

    - Tinted visors are illegal if you're not a cop

    - You can be fined for beeping your horn unnecessarily (such as to say good bye)

    - You can be fined for riding through an amber light if the cop deemed that you could have stopped in time safely.

    - You can be booked for overtaking to the left (undertaking) of cars who hog the right hand lane on overtaking lanes or freeways. (And it seems that cops may target you rather than the "lane hogger" too in these instances).
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  6. Same in QLD - unless there is a bicycle in your lane, then you need to give them a meter and can even cross a double white line to do this.

    Its a stupid rule that makes brainless cagers sometimes cross white lines without thinking - even when going around cyclists at blind corners. A few months ago as I'm approaching a corner there is a car coming straight at me halfway on my lane. Luckily a swerved and had enough bitumen left to stay on the road. If I would have also been in a car, it would have been a head on collision.

    I think it was better when the cyclists knew they had to keep left and not take up too much room or they'd be road kill!

  7. I've overtaken more times in the left than I've done in the right, it's ridiculous everyone just sits in the right lane.

    isn't the whole point of a single white to denote that you can't over take?
  8. The far left seems to be the fastest lane nowadays which is fine by me as I'm always keeping to the left. Cops are brutal lately. There also the one about not riding your motorbike on pavement. But how many people do it.
  9. No I wasn't aware it was a 60 zone officer.
  10. have seen quite a few doing that around here.. usually non-rego'd bikes (and/or no helmet :p )
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  11. I
    I do it all the time!
  12. God, that's one of my pet hates. If they booked the idiots hogging the fast lane the overtaking on the left would disappear by itself.

    Just on a short business trip in Germany and was in a car going 220km/h on the Autobahn yesterday. Everything flows so nicely when there are no arseholes hogging fast lanes. *sigh*
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  13. Can anyone confirm if I am right or wrong in NSW?
    This is how I remember the crossing of road markings.
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  14. It seems very few people take notice of the 'Keep left unless overtaking ' rule. In NSW it is an offence to hog the outside lanes.
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  15. From the Roads & Maritime web site:

    You must not overtake:
    • Across an unbroken (continuous) line, unless the line closest to you is broken
    So, yes, it seems you are correct.
  16. I understand the frustration, but as a (sometimes) cyclist I've nearly been wiped out so many times by drivers tries to overtake without leaving the lane.

    At least when I was in the middle of the lane, the driver has to leave the lane, forcing them to think about whether it's really safe to do so (because now they feel the risk as well). And once they're crossing to the other side, they may as well go all the way which meant they didn't pass as close.
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  17. I wish my car and bike could go that fast.
    I find Germany funny though. You can drive as fast as like on the Autobahn yet you can't mow the lawn with a petrol mower on a Sunday morning.
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  18. I had something similar happen 2 weeks ago on the way around mt tamborine. Windy roads, came across cyclists, you give them their 1m space which is now required by the law, and the wanker coming towards me cuts the corner and coming right for me. Screw the guy on paddles and his breathing space, I thought to myself. I need to survive here or I'd end up on that grill. Not the most thought through rule, however I do consider cyclists when I see one. They seem worse than Volvo drivers and give f*ck all about stop signs, lights and other users...I hope not all of them are the same.
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  19. I guess like any vehicle you should overtake if safe to do so. Which sucks when you're going up to Arthur's Seat with double lines and near 90degree inclines.