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Stupid RTA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Charmed, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. I swear the right hand doesnt know what the left is doing @ the RTA @ times. To many conflicting answers.

    Both boys had to sit for there Learner Rider licence again because they couldnt get in to do there P licence due to being fully booked.

    So they both did there L's test again. While there, they asked if they could book a time for P test in March. Was told no you cant book 3 months in advance only 1 month.

    Both looked @ her in amazment, they tried booking a month ago. Couldnt get in, had to let there learners lapse & resit again. :evil:

    Ok my rant over. And before some of you jump on me, as I have mentioned before, NSW, undeclared area. So all that needs to be done here to get your L's is pass the computer test. For P's ride around the block a couple of times, up & down in front of shire office while the tester stands on corner watching you.
  2. Isn't the minimum wait time only for the first time you get your L's...?

    I could be wrong: it's happened once before.
  3. Learner rider licence RTA min wait before going for P's is 3 months regardless if have to resit L's again. Unless someone else can find otherwise. (Not including the 'mature aged riders')

    Not that it matters anyway, going by what was said. They cant even book until March.

    Like I said they dont know what the other hand is doing. Ring the national number your told one thing, & put through to the local agency, only then to be told no you cant. :?
  4. G'day everyone,.....

    If you could'nt get booked in in one location,......why did'nt you try another place to do the test?

    Dr Who?
  5. Location, work, travelling time.
    If Corowa booked out also means Albury & Finley booked out.
  6. Yep - rediculous
  7. Sounds like a clear cut case for compensation to me. Send a bill to the Minister for the cost of resitting, travelling to get there etc.
  8. simple...... dont shop there anymore. thatll learn em.
  9. Well y'know what you have t' do now...burn 'em....BURN 'EM ALL!!
  10. where u hearing this, my license lapsed i redit my L's and did my ps straight after, (metro NSW)
  11. I did my bike Ls when i was 16 and 9 months and let them expire when i got my car licence. Now im 25 and did the Ls again and booked in for Ps a week later. Ive been told you need to wait 3 months before you can book your Ps unless you have had your Ls before