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Stupid riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tail end charlie, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. saw another fool this morning on the monash carpark.

    "KAOS1" was lane splitting at the notorious hallam/monash merge as the traffic was slowing. he decides to take both hands of the bars and sits upright.

    Talk about wanting to die. Cars and trucks change lanes all the time there and he puts himself in a position where he cannot react quickly to a situation.

  2. Sounds like one of the idiots I see in the morning going to work...
  3. If you spent an hour in the morning in peak hour traffic you will see heaps more, these people are the ones that we can blame if lane splitting gets outlawed in Vic.

    Guess if we do the right thing we will live to see another day, people that lane split at speeds are placing them themself in the category of when not if.
  4. I saw one dude on a Suzuki last night on the eastern overtake traffic in the right emergency lane at about 120kph. Not something I'd do in a hurry, but I've got no real problem with it safetywise (traffic wasn't keeping left, no broken down cars etc).

    But surely the amount of pointy crud in the emergency lane would be enough to keep one out of there for their tyres sake alone.
  5. XXXsteve, i am one who spends over 2 hours each day in traffic. i live out past u and go to richmond each day on the monash. i see countless stupid things. some are just plain dumb
  6. It looks to me that with petrol prices, people are trading in their cars for bikes, then acting like they've seen bike riders act. At least where I live anyway...
  7. in Auckland they allow bikes and busses to use the emergency lane during peak hours..... it has drastically reduced the bike road toll
  8. i think we should be able to use right emergency lane too at peak times, maybe subject to a lower speed limit
  9. Unless it is specifically labeled as an emergency lane then it is OK to use it. Yet again, I'll refer back to Marcus Wigans report. :D

    If you're going so fast that you can't avoid any crap in that lane then you're going too fast in it anyway...
  10. who is marcus wigan? where is his report?
  11. I used to ride up the monash carpark during peak hours on the right hand emergency lane most of the way Ended up learning my lesson the hard way, by having 3 punctures and 2 replacement rear tyres in the last 6 months. Wont be riding in those lanes any time soon.. :(
  12. I was heading up Dynon road into the city this morning and saw this guy on one of those 150-200cc scooters get bored with te idea of filtering and drove onto the wrong side ot the road around a traffic island just to get car cars closer to a red light!!! (That I filtered up to and pipped him as the light turned green just as I rolled up to the line!!! :p wanker.....)
  13. Dr Marcus Wigan was commisisoned some years ago to do a report on Motorcyles in Victoria for VicRoads on behalf of VMAC (Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council).

    You'll find his report in the VMAC section of the VicRoads website at http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrpdf/trum/oxford2000vol1_1f.pdf

  14. Yeah this wasn't just a hard shoulder, it was a marked emergency lane to the right. As I said earlier I've got no real issue with it (apart from the crud in the lane) but it would have shocked and disturbed surrounding car drivers, mainly because it was something different :LOL: