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Stupid Riders Annonymous

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by taiheung, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. I think it's about time I confess some of my sins, and also rant a bit. I also open this up to anyone else who needs to get something off of their shoulders due to their ride-to-work antics. Or any other riding idiocy.

    "I'm a stupid rider, and I'm powerless."

    Lately I've been squidding. I know, it's shameful. I've been riding the 30mins to work with the only leather on my skin being my gloves, belt and shoes. To top it off, my lane splitting is getting more aggressive - I'm taking more risks and giving other vehicles less chance to catch me in their mirrors before I overtake. There are some rides to/from work where once I hit a quiet spot I say to myself "I can't believe I just did that". Clearly I've forgotten how painful it was last time I got hit by a car - and that was nothing in comparison to what could happen.

    So here's to me making a reform - I commit to wearing my jacket on every ride, at the LEAST - pants & boots as I improve. I will leave home 5 minutes earlier so I'm not tempted to cut traffic dangerously. I will not read every single gap between lanes as a sign to cut - especially when it's two busses. I will adhere to the recommended speed limit + 10% and no more. Because I'm a stupid rider, and I'm powerless. :)

    Had to get it off my chest - before I get myself killed!

    On a plus side - a while ago I mentioned spotting a female rider on a white cruiser across the Anzac. Spotted her again - rode straight past but I was cutting moving traffic at 80kmh and didn't get a decent glimpse. Has anyone seen this rider before? Or know her? Seeeeeems decent. Could be my biker goggles lying to me though.
  2. "I'm a stupid rider, and I'm powerless."

    I went for a ride yesterday. On my sv650s :eek: :eek: :shock: :shock:

    It was just around 2-3 streets near me, nowhere near any main road. But it was still very very naughty. I'm thinking of getting it rego'd early and leaving it with someone sensible for a while :S , the temptation is too much!!
  3. I'll happily fly down to Sydney, ride your SV back to Brisvegas, keep it safe and well for you until you're fully licensed and ride it back to Sydney for you. I'll even pay all the insurance premiums. That's just the kind of nice guy I am. ;)
  4. And to the OP, good call... getting into bad habits is bad, mmkay? Breaking them early and hard is good.
  5. I regret nothing!!
  6. Peer pressure got to me too, I need to get some soft gay mates. :shock:
  7. "I'm a stupid rider, and I'm powerless."

    Most of have been there. Some of us have recognised that we are. And done something about it.

    Good to know that you are doing something about it too.
  8. OK, I qualify for this after yesterday... I shall testify!
    Coming home from work (a little late and hurrying), split some cars almost up to the lights, when they all started creeping forward.
    No worries, plenty of time and they aren't going far because the lanes are almost blocked on the far side of the intersection anyway. Wiggle my way through and blat across (thinking to myself, "jeez that car's leaving it a bit late to complete the turn on my left") but get past and look in the mirror to find...
    ...nobody else has moved from where I was.
    Oh, sh!t, the lights hadn't actually turned green!! I just assumed they had 'cause everyone had started to move.
    Got the hell outta there, pulled over and b*tchslapped myself for being such a f#$%*'n d!ckhead!
  9. At least you are aware of your stupidity, thats the first step. :)
  10. "I'm a stupid rider, and I'm semi-powerless."

    I'm an ATGATT rider, but my ride home lately has been taking less and less time. I'm probably starting to get into unsafe territory, where I'm ducking into holes that could close very easily before I get to them, but I've already committed myself.

    I even commented to Mrs Tree yesterday that my spirited rides home are exhausting. It's time I took stock of things and remembered that it's better to make it home five minutes later than not at all.

    Thanks for the wake-up call, taiheung. Definitely going to slow down a bit. :grin:
  11. We all do dumass things...no reason that we should suddenly get smart just because we are on a bike, eh. :grin:
    Nevertheless...on a bike we can't get away with it forever, so it's a smart thing to be honestly self-analytical - it'll keep you from harm, longer.

    Can't recall doing anything obviously stupid this past week or so but when I do something stupid, it really pisses me off....and I use it as a bit of a wake up call...A few times it has possibly saved my life a few weeks later...
  12. Yeah, when you add up the time saved from doing dodgy weaving in traffic, its really not worth it considering the risk. Makes alot more sense to just pass a few dozen cars when they're stopped in traffic, presenting a minimal risk with maximum gain - and its alot easier too ;)
  13. you should have just left it at my place jared, sent any bling bits down i would have fitted them and sent you pics

  14. I don't consider anything i do to be stupid and there is only as much danger in what i do as there is in normal traffic riding, in my view anyway.
  15. Many years ago, I remember finding myself in the same situation as taiheung and cookeetree.

    I decided that adding a sidecar would make me more sensible.

    I wuz wrong :twisted: .
  16. Hard to show it off to my friends when its 400 kms away ;)
  17. I am also finding my commute times have been getting shorter, my speed is getting way too high, i dont really weave through traffic, but when there is no one in front, i give it a bit of gas. I catch myself hitting 90 in a 70 zone and shit myself. I know it is 5 in the morn with no one around, but anything could happen. I must control my throttle better, i will control my throttle better, it just feels so good, and the sound is very nice to the ear!!!! :twisted:
  18. I'm a stupid rider and I'm powerless...

    Because I bought a Harley ](*,) only joking!
  19. "I'm a stupid rider, and I'm powerless."

    The blond took over (more than usual :p )...

    A couple of weekends back I was on the spur for a play. Hadn't been there for a little while, so needed to ease into it. I'm not sure why, but as the day wore on I became more and more nervous. I just couldn't get it together. I took a break then got back on. Next lap my brain just went dead.

    There was a car in front of me that I should have seen a couple of corners back, and even as soon as I turned onto the straight, but it didn't register until I was just about on top of it. Aarrggh! Fortunately I woke up in time to test out my emergency braking... one stoppie, a couple of kicks from the front end (wasn't fully straight) and a countersteer around and I was clear :shock: . Never done a stoppie before. Don't plan on doing another!
  20. "I'm a stupid rider, and I'm powerless."

    every time i get on, i am riding 9/10ths at least.
    but really, IDGAF...