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Stupid Questions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stokedpaz, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Well I don't like to put people off, but I have searched and still not found answers. So I think a stupid questions thread might be in order. If you don't like them, don't look in here. Hopefully someone who doesn't mind has some answers though.

    So as a new person I have seen a few things and am wondering:
    1. Is there a difference between a noobie and a noob. I think there was reference to both in one of Raven's post in the nod thread.
    2. Why is the nod thread looked down upon so much, seems like harmless banter?
    3. What is a trollfight?

    Im sure I'll have more shitty questions soon.

  2. !. Yes, ie.ie
    2. Its only looked down on during the upward phase of the nod.
    3. Physical altercation between fictional entities.
  3. Short answers;
    1. Difference is two letters. Some might say there's a difference between newb and noob but that's one of those road-to-nowhere discussions.

    2. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Discussions about 'The Nod' and 'which glove first?' were around long before Harley met Davidson.

    3. A regular occurrence around here. Have a squiz at the Urban Dictionary definition of a troll for a hint.
  4. 1) Yes, its all in the ie
    2) Nod
    3) Something that happened in the movie "Fellowship of the Ring"
  5. No such thing as a stupid question. Just bait for the trolls.
  6. I thought it went "No such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people"

    And yay! a new nodding thread!
  7. Kill me now
  8. Stupid snobby comment, awesome rashpocket. I simply wanted some background info. If you don't like questions, don't read.
    Maybe do yourself a favour and neck yourself, save someone else the trouble.
  9. hey stokedpaz. it would also stop a lot of bitching and trolling if you used the search function, or googled stuff.

    we don't like 20,000 threads on nodding and what trolls and noobs are.
  10. Ouch harsh :p.

    Basically noob is an insult... and noobie/newbie is just that, acknowledging the newbie status.
    Nod threads are like a plague here... as hinted above in their repetition 'are we there yet are we there yet' :p.
    Obvious trolls are obvious. Dont feed the trolls.
  11. Awesome cheers. So Im a noobie, but this thread was pretty noob of me to start.
    No nodding threads and no baiting pot stirrers.

  12. And bonus points for choosing a correct thread title :D
  13. Now you've got it. :)
  14. Speaking of stupid questions, I got into the lift the other day at work to go home, and had my riding jacket on, and my gloves and helmet in my hand. A 40 something female followed me into the lift and said "Oh, did you ride your bike in today Michael??"

    And no, she wasn't blonde...
  15. Haha, there was a bit of sting in that. This one has fire.
  16. Giggle, guggle. You've reminded me of one of the few precious occasions where I was able to think of something funny to say BEFORE the people involved were walking away or out of sight.

    When I got my leathers, I would sometimes wear the jacket to work, to (cough) break it in like a pair of shoes. Not in any way to big note myself that I was a bike rider or anything. Not like I thought it looked good or anything. Honest. So one afternoon I'm in a silver service car, aircon going full pelt, white shirt and blue tie, shiny shoes and brand new leather jacket. The security nazis at the brisvegas airport had a person permanently assigned to hold up the whip and chair to cab drivers, because we'd obviously been unable to manage our own taxi rank for the 40+ years before they decided to do it, and so, one hot summer afternoon I pulled up to a nice middle aged lady in a security outfit, and she looked at me in my getup and leaned forward. So I wound down the window a little, and she said "Aren't you hot in that?" Never let a chance go by, I say, so I wiggled my eyebrows at her and replied "Thank you. You're looking trim yourself."
  17. you douchebag. she WAS trying to chat you up. that was the only opening line she could come up with. 40 something females have cock on the brain 24/7. they just want to get into your pants.
  18. for the sake of specifics, noobie is the feminine, noob is the masculine. if you really must be pedantic about it in posts.
    i like nodding threads and fully intend to turn this into one.
    that other question was just dumb. therefore appropriate for this thread.
    bring em on, the dumber the better.