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Stupid Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by turnipcorp, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I have just moved from a scooter to a full bike and i am having issues with not leaning on the handle grips...not only am i sacred i will hit a bump and be too rigid but it hurts!...my forearms and palm ache after an hour or so riding.

    So in terms of seating should i be sitting as close to the petrol tank as possible, ie nuts right up against it...this gives me good grip and allows me to sit more up right and take the pressure of my grips but i am scared of potential damage to my nuts if i stop too hard

    Or should i be sitting slightly back from the petrol tank and support myself more with my legs.This is ok but i find then i really notice that i am supporting myself from my legs and it is quite difficult( mainly dut to the lean)

    Any tips?
  2. Sit back in the seat and just relax. Go on a couple long rides and you'll be fine, its something you have to get use to.
  3. you need to sit close to the tank. it gives more control somehow. just pull ur arse when u want to do hard stop
  4. your nuts will toughen up mate :LOL:

    sit as close to the tank as you can, you balance and control the bike with your thighs. Imagine a pivot on your lower back which allows your upper body to stay loose while your lower body is rigid. You are supposed to hold on with your legs (which will tire them out.. think of the leg muscles you'll get!)

    You get used to the forarms and palm ache - that's just the change in position from being upright to leaning forwards. It could also be a result of you unconsciously tensing your upper body. if you catch yourself tensing or getting the "grip of death", relax.
  5. Yeah... Sit up close to the tanks and grip with the knees. I tend to take the weight off my a$$ by standing on the pegs a bit if im about to hit an unavoidable bump - that saves my nuts most of the time. Your wrists will also toughen up after a while.
  6. its actually your back and abs that should be supporting your weight
    off to the gym old son
  7. Correct! Get your flabby ass to the gym. Sports bike riding takes abs and quads to have good control. :LOL:
  8. :roll: :nopity: