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Stupid question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Ausfox, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Right. Bike chosen, gear on the way.

    Just a quick question.

    Does the "hump" on the back of the jacket provide back protection or is it just for aerodynamics when at high speed. Ie not on the road( legally).

    Been doing some research and found it is aero.

    Also, to perf or not to perf? That is the, second, question.

  2. It's been discussed a few times but -

    The hump was originally conceived as an aerodynamic aid (to reduce buffeting of the helmet from the wind). But now it's also widely accepted as also giving protective benefits, mainly by preventing hyperextension of the neck. The hump is here to stay :)

    And to perforate? My leathers are fully perforated but that's up to you.
  3. Yep originally for 125/250 gp bikes as every advantage u can get means faster corner speed.I was told not recommended as it can stop u sliding smoothly and can flip you mid slid.this coming from a well known leather manufacturer.
  4. Who's that?

    There's a strong argument that humps for road use are just an aspect of fashion or posing like a racer. Although it's pretty well acknowledged amongst modern leather manufacturers as well as the racing community that humps are beneficial to safety.
  5. In regards to ventilation, my opinion is the more the better. At least you have the option of going either way with motorcycle inner suit. Sort of like a car, you most likely wouldn't buy it if you couldn't put the windows down for air flow.
  6. The hump has been answered and no it won't flip you, it's an urban myth, perforated is good, (when it's warm) but if you intend using the same suit all year round, you will need to invest in some serously thick thermals..
  7. Tiger Angel
  8. Thanks everyone. Was planning a perf with hump jacket. Only a learner but want to get into sportbikes.
    Just wanted to be sure of my decision. Didn't want to be lead up the path in the garden.
    Thanks again.
  9. Also, in case there were any doubts left.. it is legal to wear this whether you are learning, cruising, stunting or racing. Not that you will ever be pulled over for wearing a hump jacket, but if any idiot does comment.. it's better than wearing a t-shirt or denim jacket.
  10. Agree with this.. ventilation is super important for me. I can always zip up the vents, or add a layer underneath in winter, but in summer.. Damn it, short of riding with zipper undone, there really isn't much you can do to keep cool without good vents.

    Good ventilation in leathers are paramount IMO - especially when the air is warm!!