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stupid question of the day

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emsie, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I have tried a search for this, but 5K of results was a bit much to wade through, so here we are :)

    When I fill my bike up at the servo, I have it on the side stand, but obviously that means it gets to the top on one side and it doesn't mean the tank is actually full. So, I lean it up as much as I'm game to, to get it as high as I can. Either that or "fill up" every 50k's or so ;)

    My question is, how does everyone else fill up their tanks to get it full? I was of the understanding you should be getting off the bike, which is why I do - I figure it's probably really kinda safer too. Don't really wanna mess with petrol :p Oh and another stupid question .. how close to the top of the tank do other people fill to? Bearing in mind I have a vtr250 with no centre stand, suggesting the centre stand won't help :( How *does* everyone else do this?? :p

  2. Alright mate, I sit on my bike at the petrol stations and i don't care what anyone says, i've accepted the risks and don't care.

    Fill your bike up to a little below the..i suck at explaining things..fill the bike up to the brim/lip inside the tank maybe just a little bit below that.
  3. I thought that sitting on the bike at the servo was a no-no just because it would be so easy just to start and do a ride-off?
  4. Isn't it like if you spill fuel something catches light and then your sitting on a bomb? beats me, i forgot the risk that it caused.
  5. If you haven't got a centrestand, put the steering to full lock right to get the bike up a bit more level.
  6. 50km on a VTR full tank??? i get 220 - 250!!

    I just fill until its near the top of one of the lips... i know its not fully full full full, but then i dont want petrol spilling out of the cap and down my bike :p

    i stand up to the side of the bike when i fill up.
  7. Yes get off your bike to fill up. You get to stretch your legs! And at some places (BP especially) they have rules about not filling up when sitting on the bike. I've heard stories of static electricity from moving around on it igniting the petrol and BOOM. How realistic that is, and the chances of which I have no idea.

    Anyhoo as for how do I fill up totally? I don't. Zzrs have an 18L tank. On its side, filling it to the level I like gives me 300 before reserve, and getting an extra L out of it for the effort of getting the stand up... can't be bothered!
  8. Thats the one the static thing and i fill up at a BP, i even walk in with my helmet on but they like it that way. :?
  9. Put bike on stand.
    Open tank filler cap.
    Fill up tank till the liquid level reaches the bottom of the filler neck.

    That will be plenty of fuel. Don't overfill it. The tank needs to breathe. Also, if it's too full, the fuel will just slosh over the filler neck at the first bump and go out the overflow.

  10. Not at my BP in bacchus they don't.

    You don't watch mythbusters do you? Myth BUSTED! Doesn't happen.

    Oh and there are NO stupid questions, only stupid answers :grin:
  11. http://www.bp.com/sectiongenericarticle.do?categoryId=9012432&contentId=7017560

    Personally I've never worried about getting that extra last few drops in, doesn't seem worth it.

    Can I ask, how much extra fuel can you actually squeeze in by doingthe "stand the bike up a bit jiggle"??? Surely it's only about 1-200ml at best?? What's that get you , an exta kilometre or two??
  12. That really depends on the shape of the tank. Many new bikes (like mine) are a bit squarer on top rather than rounded. You tip a square container on it's side to the the angle your bike sits and see how much fluid could still fit in there. I can get over a litre more in my tank if the bike is upright, and only having 17l total, that's a significant amount on a long ride.
  13. wouldn't worry me... sitting on a bomb as opposed to standing next to.. FA difference.

    you're pretty safe anyway, this biatch i used to go out with used to smoke while filling up while i sweated in the car. after like 5 goes i realised it's more spark you gotta worry about so as long as she lit it before the servo.
  14. Mythbusters, yeah that's a credible scientific source :roll:. Fact is static electricity CAN cause fires/explosions at petrol stations and DO cause them. Known factors which increase risk are friction between surfaces (ie rider moving around on the seat), fluid flow (ie petrol going into the tank), wearing insulated shoes which prevent proper earthing (ie riding boots). Couldn't find mention of any incidents involving motorcycles but this fire, is a similar situation (caused by filling fuel containers insulated from the ground - much like a bike's tank can be if the sidestand is up).
    Edit: Obviously the risk isn't that great or these things would happen all the time - but it is a real risk and stuffed if I'm going to spend months in a burn ward getting skin grafts (or worse) for the sake of squeezing in a little extra fuel (much of which will probably end up going out the breather tube anyway).
  15. You don't watch mythbusters-busters do you? mythbusters BUSTED!
  16. The GS has a 20 litre tank but I need to put left hand on handlebar (full lock) right hand on nozzle and gently rock the bike with my hip....I can get the last 3 litres into the tank doing this...mind you it takes a few minutes of fuelling, waiting to settle and repeating. :)
  17. Once I finish designing and building my spontaneous combustion engine, I won't need to go to the servo anymore..... :grin:
  18. ok maybe not 50ks but certainly nothing special if I don't stand the bike up a bit :p

    I was mostly just asking cos standing it up a bit is what I do to get as much as I can in the tank .. just making sure I wasn't doing something completely stupid ;)
  19. hahahaha i was gonna say that you should be putting the petrol IN the tank, not splashing it around it :p

  20. I used to get over 250km on a tank (270 before hitting reserve) when I had a VTR250. The manual says to put it on its side stand and fill it to the lip and no further. Any more than that risks overflow.