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stupid qld april weather

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. I hate this time of year...

    Get up in the morning just as the rain sets in for it's morning dump.... ride in a get soaked.

    Clears up as soon as I get in, brilliant sunshine all day...

    come about 4pm, rain clouds set in again, dumps on me on the way home.

    It has been consistent for the last 2 weeks...


    At least it's predictable, I miss Melbourne's random weather patterns. I do like laughing at all the squids in t-shirts and shorts getting monsooned on the freeways though :LOL:
  2. Rain is good for the environment. But yeah I know what you mean about riding to work in it then fining up then riding home in the wet again..

    But I love rain, we haven't had enough of it yet... The Wivenhoe Dam is only 42% full or something like that... So we need some more... Just not when we want to go riding though 8)

  3. Amen to Ya Dan!
    Being stuck in Cairns with so many fun roads and none of them dry long enough to tear em up! Yeah the rains good, but wasnt the wet season s'posed to have finished 6 weeks ago? Bring on the winter dry!
  4. i agree, I love rain, but i wish it was more considerate of my commuting needs, and stop following me around like in a Charlie Brown cartoon. :LOL:

    New rain schedule - rain from 10pm - 4am every day. Full catchments, green grass, chirping birdies, dry roads, no traffic snarls, clean bike!
  5. i just snaked it home 2nite, while black clouds followed me home. good way to test out the new bike and wet weather gear :)
  6. Yeah I agree :D But it can't rain on Friday nights cos we go on Friday night rides from 7:30pm till 4 am.. All other nights will be fine :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. Well I'm new to riding and managed to get riding on the highway, riding in peak hour and riding in the rain all ticked off my list of new things to do this morning. Not much fun actually. Rain sucks, especially when you sit in a freezing air-conditioned office for 8 hours after getting your pants wet (from rain I swear). Might get a better fitting set of wet weather pants next time I go shopping...
  8. We've got it the other way round here. We've had temperatures ten degrees higher than normal for about the last four weeks and no rain either. Been quite cool in the mornings round my way about 5-10 degrees but clear and perfect for riding