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Stupid pissed idiotic moron - I dropped my bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TRA, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. And AznCruiser was saying engineers cant ride bikes because they are always pissed?

    So went to lunch, at the pub. Decided to have about 6 schooners. Further decided that riding was a bad idea so made the effort to put the bike in the loading bay. Unlock the steering lock, put the bike in neutral and push it to the loading dock gate. Put the stand down to open the gate. Bike falls over. I know the indicator is broken, but I was too pissed off to look at what else was broken. So had another half dozen schooners and caught the train home.

    And yes, this post is post a dozen schooners.... I am pretty pissed off at my own stupidity at the moment.
  2. Maybe next time you should try food instead :p.
  3. Not a good idea. You should never eat on an empty stomach.
  4. True. But you should at least space the beers with Kahlua and milk. Then it's just as healthy as a bowl of weetbix. :)
  5. Can't you ride pissed? Weak.

  6. the stand is on the left hope this helps
  7. one of the saddest 'I've dropped my bike' posts on Netrider :LOL:
  8. Well I finally took a look. Indicator pushed through fairing and thats about it. Small scratch on the pipe on crank case.
  9. Wow very lucky for you ... Now cheers have another beer to celebrate:beer:
  10. What do you mean saddest? the guys a legend, 6 schooners, dropped the bike...decided oh well whats done is done and so went back drinking........to top it off he was wise enough to catch the train =D>=D>.

    12 schooners though [-([-( must be one of those piss weak civil engineers lol. I think ive been hanging around too much with Chemical engineers lol.

    Seeing as your an engineer im sure youve already drawn up a plan on how to make the broken parts super strong with reinforced everything.
  11. Electrical engineer actually. Would have kept going by my pissweak business partners had to go home. And when I got home I had no beer or wine..
  12. mate thats piss all damage, another 6 schooners to celebrate. :beer:
  13. I cant believe you were drunk after 6 schooners, unless you hammered them down in 30min or so :p.
    At least the damage aint too bad eh?
  14. This is really sad.

    Why weren't you drinking pints
  15. Excellent - good to see you are holding up the ideals of the winning team. Electrical/electronic ftw.

    Pints ftw though.
  16. My experience is civ eng students can drink any other school or faculty under the table. They even leave mech for dead.
  17. ACtually, it was 6 pints. And about 2 and half hours.
  18. They're still amateurs compared with Mining Engineers.
  19. Ahahahah nice one.
  20. :beer: sorry, I keep forgetting them. They are at a different location on campus. Yes. They win.