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Stupid P Plater

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shibby25, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Well im new too riding ( 2-3 months) and have been loving it. I ride a 250cc cruiser and havnt had any troubles so far, im 6'3 so maybe i stand out abit, i can look over most cars too.
    Anyway on the way home yesterday, nearing my house, im sitting on 60 with no cars infront or behind, and i see a marone astra fanging it towards me with about 5 guys in it, windows down, probably music cranking, and he f*cken decides to turn infront of me. He didnt even indicate, and totaly didnt see me, i shat myself, had a split second or i would have hit the side of the car. I grabbed lots of front brake and left a huge blacky, i didnt even have time to put my foot on the back, he saw me as he turned and locked his car up. I scraped passed and he hooned off. I saw the fear in his eyes too but i was ferious. I was lucky but now im having second thoughts. Maybe i should get a good exhaust so if they dont see me they can here me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr P platers.
    Just thought id post my bitching.

  2. Dear Bitching,

    Welcome to the world of motorcycling ... better get used to it because it doesn't stop.

  3. Now now people.

    P-platers with passengers are too busy concentrating on not crashing and getting killed to worry about anyone else on the road.
  4. I know ill have to get used to it, i ride home in peak traffic everday and gets cars turning into me when im cruising at 100kmph, or cars/trucks trying to crush me off the raod for lane splitting, but having a car turn into you when theres nothing else on the road, perfect vision is just damn hard to take in.
  5. Isn't 80Kmh the maximum speed you should be going?

    Man when something like that happens just breath deeply look at them and if possible let them know that they made a mistake but don't you ever let the anger take over the situation. Remember that we riders are more vulnerable and and during an anger episode we could take the worst part.

    Ride safe.

  6. i know what your saying shibby, but even loud pipes would have help out there.. just remember everyone is out to get YOU
    get that in your head, look out for every other dickhead on the road, and you'll enjoy it every min of it

    :edit: wow it automaticaly bleeps out my choice of insults... nice :grin:
  7. Not all states have the stupid lower maximum speed for L's and P's.

    Talk about creating a dangerous speed differential.
  8. Shibby, where's your car dude? :p

    I think its better that you vent here and get it out rather than you getting the $hit$ big time on the road next time. Everyone else has offered enough advice before so I won't add to it but......

    Dude, where's your car? Zoltan! :LOL: :LOL:

  9. Reason why I don't use highways in NSW.

    And you are right the lucky buggers in WA can ride/drive at 100Kmh on the Learners permit.

  10. Same here in Victoria. :p
  11. What am I doing here???

  12. Pffft! P Platers are too busy concentrating on showing off to their mates. P Platers never crash or get killed, they're invincible! Didn't you know that?! Not their fault if riders aren't invincible too!
  13. Yeah im not on my P's or L's just a restricted 250cc license for a year. Theres alot of roads around outer perth that are 90 or 100kmph.
    I love the commute to work, but the raod is busy and full of knobs in work utes and vans, amd if there not out to kill me, all the trucks are. Most situations im fine with as i ride very defensive but its the ones you have that you have basically no control over that freak me out. They might not happen often to people but when they do it really makes me thing shit im lucky to be alive.
    Also theres like 10-12 sets of lights to work and lane splitting ( legal in WA) can save me over 10min which is great, and i get to perv at some of the hotties in there cars.
  14. Have you considered a front mounted mini gun as an other option?
    Crome it up and it woul look prety nice hanging off to one side of a cruser.
  15. I actually find the opposite in NSW these days. Well sort off.

    They've got so many rules and hoops to jump through to get your p's that I often come accross p platers who look totally terrified to be driving on the road. Generally the will be driving along doing 50 in an 80 zone wondering why everyone is giving them the finger.

    The other thing you need to watch out for with p-platers is the instant lane change. I think they look and indicate and everything, but do it so fast they don't register whats going on and no-one around them has time to react.
  16. hey shibby

    you survived and thats the main thing.

    Steve was blunt, but 100% correct - you better get used to it! If you expect it then it wont be a surprise, will it?

    can i ask what area you live in mate?

    I'm from Freo myself and commute everyday to Claremont. Boy that is probably my least fav bit of road with all the schools along Stirling Hwy and all the soccer mums in 4WD's.
  17. Yeah im from Rockingham, and ride down rockingham road, and stock road to cockburn everyday. Not a bad road but very busy with industrial vehicles everywhere.

    I love my bike it goes very well, its a new Kawasaki Eliminator, but im finding im getting a numb bum/lower back on it, and a few back aches. I got the bike cause im 6'3, n around 100kg - athletic not fat. Its comfortable at first but i find myself want to put more weight on my arms and lean forward.

    Also how do people in WA get used to the arvo sea breeze, most days its so strong that it totaly ruins my ride home. Im finding myself craving a nice naked bike.

    Do all bikes get hammered int he wind? Do windscreens make any diff on cruises. What about naked bikes?
  18. A sawn off shotty would work, has the noise factor and bang factor. :grin:
  19. yes the sea breeze is pretty extreme in Perth! You cant avoid it in Perth so look at it this way - you will get heaps of practice in it :) Its better if you can ride directly into the wind rather than have it comming across you. But thats not really possible over here where the strong wind is from the sea.

    Try gripping the tank tighter with your legs, thats about the only thing i've found to help. And obviously just taking it easy when its really windy. And if you plan on going for rides, aim for the early mornings.
  20. hey sh-to the-ibby,

    I'm from Freo myself. Commute to Tech Park in Bentley every morning.

    I'm on an Intruder and have the same issues as you. i'm 6'2, 115kg (fat not athletic ;)) and the sore ass in my opinion is a big guy/250 cruiser thing. I sink through the padding and sit on the hard bits plus no leg support so all my weight sits on the tailbone.

    My brother rides the eliminator and i had the same thing on his bike on long trips. I'm actually going sports tourer as an upgrade for this exact reason.

    As for the wind, as Duffman says, you get used to it. If you relax on the bike you can easily respond to the gusts that blow you around a bit.