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Stupid P Plater Chick

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by PoJo777, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. So, I pull out of work this evening from a service lane outside the building I work in which leads onto Blackburn Rd, crossed 3 lanes to move into the designated U turn lane in the middle of the rd behind 1 other car. Car in front turns once it's clear, I move shortly after when aforementioned stupid biatch pulls out from a side street about 50m further down from where I pulled out from, crosses 3 lanes of traffic and tries to make the same turn in the same place as me.

    I saw her coming across but figured she would stop in the middle until I'd finished my turn - that wasn't the case, once she reached the middle she kept going until she was all of 20cm from my front fairing almost as though she was trying to pass to my left.

    The thing that annoyed me the most, this sort of thing has happened in the past but majority of the time the driver realizes they've done the wrong thing and gives you a wave or something, not this biatch, I got the death look as if to say "How dare you get in my way". That it, I'm off to grab a bourbon now.

  2. What a mole...
    Bourbon sounds like a bloody good idea
  3. Yeah some people think they own the road. Where's the common courtesy these days?

    I never take it personal though, you never know what's going on in their heads, so it's best to look after your safety first.

    +1 to the bourbon!
  4. In other countries such as Germany...
  5. Win. =D>
  6. =D>

    I have noticed...ever since working in the east, the likelyhood of being hit/run over by a driver has dramatically risen for me. There is a different style of driving over there, majority of them that I have notice have the "I own the road because I drive an expensive car" or "I don't do head checks" or "indicators are for losers" attitude and you get the surprise of a lane change or being cut off. I mean the western suburbs aren't any better, but at least the drivers have the common courtesy to tell you to **** off giving you a good warning to stay out of their way by either flipping the bird, yelling at your or give you nasty stares.

    I have been nearly collected a few times by some very good looking drivers though...most apologize, those that do get a ;), those that don't get the finger.
  7. Some reflection after 4 cans :p

    I gave the finger and then some, must've looked like one of those crazy inflatable figures you see at car yards when they have big sales. Doubt I even remotely made my point, there's really not a lot else you can do in that situation but flip the bird and keep moving..
  8. Was being stupid on my sachs once. leaning left, leaning right, leaning left. doing a big fishtail. at the lights this drunk passenger in one of the cars comes out "YOU FUCKEN IDIOT, YOU'RE FUCKEN LUCKY YOU'RE NOT DEAD"
    I just flipped him the bird and kept going
  9. Open the rear door of their car at the lights. ride off while they close it
  10. I suspect a lot of inexperienced drivers learn by example, so if other drivers being courteous to her doesn't help her understand eventually she will learn to be courteous, she is only a P platter after all, she knows not what to do ... yet
  11. I've never thought of doing that.
  12. this is actually a really good idea :p would be hillarious in high traffic, everyone would be beeping thier horn at them too =D>
  13. was she hot
  14. The most important question posed in this thread :D
  15. That's an epic idea, would be better if it was a suicide door so when they drive forward it opens more.