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Stupid move on my behalf leads to near fatal road rage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by OU818, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Firstly I will point out that I am fully aware that my own carelessness led to this near miss.
    I was riding along Grange Road, Glenhuntly approaching the Neerim Rd intersection when I had to pull up behind a line of cars that were stationary due to a car waiting to turn right at the lights. I did a quick mirror check and only saw a car in the left lane about 200 odd meters away. Without indicating I moved into the left lane to overtake the stationary cars. It was at this moment that I realised that I should have performed a full head check as suddenly my mirrors were filled with headlights and a horn was blaring at me.
    Slightly shaken and feeling angry at myself for being so careless I sped up to give myself distance from the car I had just cut off. Now this is where things got a bit scary.
    Suddenly a silver car pulled up next to me in the same lane nearly forcing me into oncoming traffic. The driver started yelling abuse at me for swerving in front of him, screaming that I was a moron and had nearly died. At this point I decided that slowing down and letting him go ahead of me would be the safest course of action. I eased off the throttle to let him go past when he leant out of the car and grabbed hold of my arm. Not being able to get a good grip on me he decided to push me into the opposite lane instead.
    In a panic I hit the rear brake and kicked out at his car which luckily caused him to give up the assault and swerve into the left lane again. Quite shaken I slowed down and readied to stop at the approaching red light.
    When I pulled up at the lights the guy slammed on his brakes and got out of his car. At this point I thought I had a fight on my hands however it turned out he just wanted to abuse me some more.
    Yelling at the top of his lungs did I realise how close I had come to being killed I heatedly pointed out that yes I did realise that I had nearly died twice. The first time as an accident and the second time as a deliberate act of violence. Despite the heated argument I made sure I let him know that I knew I was at fault and somewhat apologised for causing the situation however I made sure to let him know in no uncertain terms that if he ever tried to push me whilst I was riding it would end much differently for him than me admitting blame and letting it go.

    How would you guys have handled this situation? I was angry enough to go the guy due to his road rage however didn’t as I was feeling a bit shaken and guilty of causing it at the same time.

    In the end I am taking this as a lesson learned and will always headcheck before changing lanes from now on.
  2. Apart from instantly acknowledging your error with him, I'm at a loss at what more you could have done.

    Grabbing your arm and forcibly pushing you into oncoming traffic is certifiably mad.

    That's the issue though. We ALL make mistakes, and for all the 'this cager nearly killed me' I am sure there are many occasions where we take actions that place other people at risk. It's how we deal with this that makes the difference.
  3. Mate, you made a mistake, but thats no reason for the bloke to try killing you. If anyone like that came at me, and were stupid enough to get out there car to go 1v1 with a fully armoured rider, hell, I'd even wait for the coppers to rock up while they had their face pinned to the asphalt.
  4. It did occur to me although I should mention that the guy looked in his 50's. Being half his age, bigger build and fully armoured I didn't feel threatened when he approcahed me. As he no longer had 3/4 of a tonne of metal to use as a battering ram the situation had changed somewhat.
  5. and if the guy is smart, and grabs your chin strap.... he can lead you anywhere, including into an oncoming car. Be brave if your in armour, yep, go ahead, its not going to save you if your head led into a moving vehicle.
  6. you made a mistake, every1 does it
    just next time be more careful

    as for this wanker, if he grabbed my arm and then pushed me into the oncoming lane and then proceeded to get out of his car

    i probably woulda gone mental and knocked his head off his shoulders.
    he tried to kill you, i would of acted in self defence n taught the ass a lesson or 2 in life

    but thats just me
  7. Best thing you can do in an escatling situation like that, is to admit you made a mistake to the guy, what else can he argue about, you said, "yeah i know i fcuked up... my bad.. sorry" the arguement has no where to go... mistakes happen, and count this one as a lucky escape and lesson learned.

    The guy grabbing hold of you. I would have absolutely shate myself had someone grabbed me while travelling at speed. I cant stand violence, but i think at that point, my adrellane would be going nuts and given i wear a full face helment and gloves that has kelvar reinforced knuckles, quite possible if he charged at me, i would have hurt the carnt, in self defence your honour, he was out of his car. i am open on a bike, no protection...
  8. If this is going to turn into another 'I'd have smashed him' tough guy keyboard warrior thread then it'll be locked.
  9. Lock it and i'll smash you.
  10. Would have shat myself. Talk about over reacting, that guy needs to cut down on the meth.

    Wait i'm on teh interwebs!
    I would have punched him in the face and picked up his car and dropped on his head then rode off on my 3000cc bike with 8 strippers on my lap.
  11. Mate that was close... I dont think i have ever had road rage that bad. I think todays society people are just starting to go overboard in road rage.

    Good to see your ok but dont think this will be the last time you come accross people like that.

  12. i dont think its the case of it being a keyboard warrior thread
    saying that what this cager did was outrageously stupid and could of hurt or even worse killed somebody

    i would be fuming and would of done my nut at this guy while still on my bike, and if he charged at me i would of reacted in self defence by hitting him

    plain and simple

    i dont think this thread is about being a keyboard warrior or smashing him, but its a personal opinion
  13. i think dougz doesnt want the same thing happening in a previous thread where 2 members got as little heated resulting in a bit of a holiday.

    On the other hand one could not blame someone for wanting to do some harm to the cager especially if his life was placed in danger.
  14. Yes and No Cheky.

    It irks me when people get on here and feel the need to advocate violence as a ligitimate way of resolving conflict and do so from behind their keyboards where they are nice and safe with a cup of hot cocoa made by their Mums.

    "I'd have smashed his mirror off"

    "I'd use my kevlar gloves and take him out"

    "Bastard wouldn't be getting up again after I decked him..."

    Blah blah farking blah.

    How about you think about things for a moment? If the shit hits the fan on the road, just get the fcuk out of there and get on with your lives. Don't boost your egos by tough talking because one day some impressionable new rider reading our forums will think actions like these are acceptable and get him/herself killed. There are some psycho m/farkers out there - believe me. Unless you legitimately know what you are doing and know how NOT to seriously injure someone in an altercation, shut the fcuk up and stop the posturing.

    I'm sick of it.
  15. this is going to get interesting...

    i will just pull up a chair..

    :popcorn: :popcorn:
  16. Sorry Loz, deleted your post by mistake.

    However, posting inflammatory messages is against the T&C's. Don't like it then take it up with Jase.
  17. Yelling at you was probably a normal reaction, that's fine, but grabbing you & pushing you was definitely crossing a line, one that could have ended with you dead.

    Sounds like you kept your cool pretty well, I am sure there a plenty of people in both bikes & cars who would have had a go at the guy, well done, glad you're not dead!
  18. Do a search in Holding for your username with the thread title "split" and you might remember what sort of moderation used to get you offside as a regular user.
  19. Grabbing the riders arm is crazy and stupid... But from the car drivers point of view, you probably scared the living shit out of him when you pulled out directly infront, he's probably never been so scared in his life with the thought of running down a human being. that being said it seriously sounds like he lost controll of his emotions.

    Almost killing a person is hard to deal with. While that doesn't justify the arm grabbing moment... Some people deal with it differently.
  20. In future, hit the gas, make like a shepherd and get the flock outta there. Cane it til you get to the next block of traffic, and drop him off. Don't let freaks like these get near you.