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Stupid move? 2stroke 2fiddy. *edit* PICCIES

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, May 15, 2009.

  1. A friend of mine just got himself a 2 stroke 250, only thing is he got it the same day he got his Learners permit (Vic)

    I mentioned to him a couple of times about the LAMS laws and how its not legal for a learner to ride a 250 2stroke but he still got one.

    Has anyone done this and had issues from it?

    What are the fines like?
    Is he able to get insurance or is it void if the license conditions are not met?

    (Fricking nice bike though, NSR super quick super and super quick too!! did i mention its pretty quick?)


  2. i got a full license, but i did not once apon a time..:cool:

    As far as fines go, it really depends on you esteem, if u can, the copper will warn you, maybe make u do a cartwheel and walk it home etc
    The biggest thing is if u are disqualified or riding unregistered... Then they will get upset, and you'll end up in court

    A mate of mine never got a license at all, still driives...

    As far as insurance goes, im not too sure, they'd have to insure you as you (your friend) is gonna give them money :p


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  5. most insurance policies (if not all?) will have a clause saying you are to be properly licensed for the vehicle you are driving.

    Either go without insurance and wing it or your mate is a dolt.
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  7. Not too clear actually, he is licensed, or has a permit to ride a motorcycle just not that specific one, its more a conditions of the license thing and they say nothing about that.

    I'm assuming its up to the individual insurance company and hes gonna have to ask before he puts any cash down.
  8. 99% sure that he won't be covered by insurance. He is not autorised to ride that motorcycle, as his licence does not allow him to ride that particular bike. When you get insurance all people that ride the bike or drive the car, etc must be properly licensed to ride/drive that particualr vehicle.
  9. Im 100% sure he isnt covered by insurance.
    Your friend is an idiot. Give him a backhand and tell him to get himself a legal bike otherwise he might wake up one day in hospital with more bills to pay then he can afford.
    Its just 2 more strokes and 1 year.
  10. from thread "sick of this bike"

    also, youd best insure it for theft purposes, nothing to do with licensing there..

    any pics of the NSR btw?
  11. +1

    If I had stuck to my lams bike, I would have been able to ride my non-lams bike on the 10th of march, not in 20 days time. (29612 minutes to be exact, but who's counting?)
  12. It is very clear actually - it says "if the rider was not licensed or authorised to ride it" - in this instance, the rider would NOT be licensed to ride the non LAMS legal bike!

    Also btw, in Vic, if u get caught it's a 300 odd buck fine AND 3 points....
  13. Hey, just get a bunch of cbr stickers and throw on it
  14. This again :roll:
  15. Your friend can buy insurance but there is no way in hell the insurance company will pay for the damage if he crashes it before he gets off his restrictions..... I can't believe the number of times this question gets asked given how obvious the answer should be. :shock:

    Insurance companies do not pay out to people who crash bikes they aren't licenced to ride. What a fcuking shock that must be to some people. :roll:
  16. Here we go again.

    Actually Seany they do mate.

    Do a search under Kishy's posts and you'll find an instance where he was paid riding a bigger bike on his L's. Another friend of mine (who I can't name on here)also crashed a 600 supersport on L's and was paid out only a few weeks ago.

    It can and does happen.

    THe real issue here is whether this guy makes it to work and back without geting pulled over each day by the cops. A 250 2 x stroke stands out like dogs balls under the LAMS laws. :roll:
  17. Left glove first, Cliff.
  18. But which boot eh? EH?
  19. Re: Stupid move? 2stroke 2fiddy.

    are you sure its not "hey boys I just bought a bike that i'm not allowed to have, what kinda sh!t am I in for?" :p