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Stupid motorcycling injuries

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. What are some of yours?
    I'll start
    1. Burnt my arm on a hot exhaust pipe when I was leaning over my then CD250u to retrieve an octopus strap after getting off. The smell of burning flesh was interesting.

    2. Top box lid came down across the bridge of my nose the other day, I am now sporting a nice cut on my nose right between the eyes.

  2. Looked under the bike while touble shooting after taking it for a ride...and burnt my nose on the exhaust.

    My brother's done the classic on a dirt bike with no gloves: riding across a salt pan he highsided, ran back to the bike and picked it up by the exhaust....
  3. Fell over going around a corner on dads BSA bantam, went to stand up by putting my hand on the header pipe. It stuck.
    Ex girlfriend under the influence of large amounts of smoke leaned her bare leg against the exhaust of a friends bike, 3rd degree burn and a hole 1/2 an inch deep in her leg..
  4. Knew a bloke who was missing the tip of a finger after putting it between the chain and front sprocket of his FS1E "to see what would happen".

    I've routinely inflicted electric shocks on myself as part of the ignition troubleshooting process.

    Blinded myself with petrol that sloshed out through a dodgy filler cap seal under braking, filled up the handlebar fairing then blew back up the windscreen into my eyes.

    Not a motorcycling injury but mechanically related and stupid nonetheless, broke my nose getting the steering wheel off my old Land-Rover. I'd taken the retaining nut off and was sitting in the driver's seat, hammering the wheel towards me with the palms of my hands when it suddenly released its death grip on the column and hit me in the face, with the apparently granite rim whacking the bridge of my nose.
  5. From the venerable Brit stroker presumably :wink:.
  6. my eyes watered when I read this :LOL:

    Burns on the lower leg from a Yamaha RD-250 with expansion chambers; of course they had no heat shielding, like the original pipes, did they??

    and an indeterminate number of broken ribs; I really don't want to know......
  7. I wrenched my hip riding an R1 through deep sand, sideways holding it up on the leg, when it hooked traction just as my boot had buried in the sand. ](*,)
  8. Broken collarbone which still sticks up at a funny angle and nearly chopped a finger off while doing some backyard wiring with tin snips instead of wire cutters :)
  9. Was a pillion on a friends zzr600 about 15 years ago.
    Had my boots on the exhausts instead of the pegs.
    Burnt my feet a bit :D.

    No injuries since being a rider...
  10. Stopped. Putting old big bike on side stand. But i'm a right foot down guy. Put side stand down and shuffled arsk across so left foot would reach ground. In doing that, bike got pushed to the right. Now i was left food down, right daggling and no where near the ground, as bike started to lean to the right.
    Could'nt catch it till bike had lent enough for right foot to reach the ground, which i descovered was about the maximum weight i could attempt to hold, but bike gradually overpowered me and i tried to lay it down gently.

    Bulging disc in lower back! And it still plays up on me, especially lately! Eurgh.
  11. Push starting the bike and dropped the clutch, but it didn't tick over and the rear locked up bringing the bike to an abrupt halt. My thigh goes straight into the fuel tap tearing my jeans and leaving a 10cm graze. It turned into a big purple bruise that I had for about 2 weeks.
  12. Recent uber-slow speed off has me with broken ribs because I was too impatient to put phone in pants pocket instead of jacket top pocket.
    I effectively fell on my phone. It was a week yesterday and every day, I swear it hurts more than the day before. Something aint right.
    (dumb arse)

    Edit: How long does it take for the bruising to surface? I've got no visible bruising at all yet.
  13. Deep bruising sometimes won't show on the surface at all. No good for a sympathy squeeze.
  14. Headed off up the nuke are soul freeway in pursuit of a duc 860 gts with pillion, me solo on a cb400/4 supersport. I'd had the bike 5 days, got it on my 16th birthday. Never saw the duke again, but got into the hugest tankslapper at terminal velocity, and after about a km totally out of control it finally went down. Was wearing ordinary street cloths, light slacks, T-shirt, nylon quilted windcheater, open faced helmet, and luckily, a pair of light road-race type gloves. It was still flat stick when I came off it, and I guess I hit the road at about 150 ~ 155k. I slid for about 130m. It was christmas eve 1978, and I spent it in the Gosford base hosp, with two nurses giggling and picking gravel out of what remained of my arse.

    The insult to injury part was the few seconds immediately after. I pushed myself up and came up running, and fear turned to fury, as it does, and I kept running over to where the bike lay and proceeded to give it a few gentle and symbolic taps with my foot, just to indicate my mild displeasure. Before I was quite done with that, a little Suzuki 4x4 pulled up, with two old blokes in it. (About 60 I guess, which is pretty old when you just turned 16.) The bit that hurt was that they were falling about laughing. They had tears of mirth running down their wrinkly old cheeks and they were holding onto each other so they didn't fall down.

    ... bastards ...

    They gave me a lift to the hospital, and were still wheezing and shaking like Dick Dastardly's dog as they drove away.
  15. My first bike. cbr250r fell on my leg when I lost balance of it when walking it out of my garage.

    Got the front up on the blade the other day, but bought it up way too fast, panicked and jumped on the back brake. Smacked my helmet on the windscreen and my nuts on the tank, was a sore ride home.
  16. Setting the cam timing on my mates Bonnie, I had the gear in my hand and he was turning over the motor slowly, Take out the plugs, no way, we do it slowly, she'l be right mate,
    Just as the egars lined up, I shoved the gear onto the shaft, magic, easy peasy, my hand had just got the gear full into its position when the motor came off the compression stoke and flicked over,
    My thumb went between the two gears, I had four slots in the top of my my thumb,
    Matching slots on the other side of my thumb, I was swearing and screaming at my mate, for not going slowly, His mother came out to see what the swearing was about, seen the amount of blood every where and bolted back inside with out saying a word,
    Blood was pissing every where, I was going through my hoops,
    F#ck that hurt, had these holes in my thumb for months after,
    Yeah, we are still mates, Hahahahahahahaha, shit happens,
  17. had my bare foot resting on the exhaust.
  18. I was sitting on the bike after adjusting the head stem bearings, gently rocking it to double check that there were no clunking noises anywhere. When I was satisfied, and since I had my hands full of spanners and wrenches, I rocked my hips to the left to allow the bike to tilt onto it's side stand... which wasn't down.

    Luckily for the bike, my ankle was there to cushion the landing. Some spiky piece of Honda left a fairly decent bruise as a reminder not to do that again.
  19. Lol. I had two GSX11s at the same time, and so I lent the rattier one to a mate. He brought it back with a couple of tiny scratches and dents. Seems he took a young lady for ... let me re-phrase that. He took a ride in the moonlight with a young lady for company, and after a longish stint, stopped at a red light, and forgot to put his foot down. Bike, rider and pillion all went over in an untidy heap.

    I was just glad it wasn't me... LOL.
  20. Broken thumb (diagnosed) and broken ribs (undiagnosed) as a result of snatching too much front brake on the postie bike while following a sweeping bend, yes I know braking on a corner is DUMB but it's probably better than trying to mount a Taylors Lakes speed hump at 30/40kmh.

    In addition to being an absolute goose in regards to how it happened the bigger claim to fame and sordid aspect of the admission is that I had started at the office on the bike on the Wednesday and found myself lying in the middle of the road on the Friday. Three farking days! I think it's a (dubious) record that may well stand for sometime :D