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Stupid Motorbike Riders...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by daewoo, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. It is easy to get on here and bang on about stupid cagers, SMIDSYs, Cagers that block you filtering, or try and run you off the road, but, as they learn you in the L's course, that is all 'externalising'... (I'd like to externalise some of the mobile phone talking soccer mums in their shinny f*cking Prados, but that is a different thread)...

    What about stupid things we see other riders doing that are a recipe for disaster?

    I don't mean popping it up on one wheel on the highway, 'cause I don't want another thread which argues about who can and can't do it (and because I can't)...

    I mean riders putting themself at risk, mostly because they don't think or know better... might be a good edumacation tool for newbies...

    An example I can think of;

    years ago I was driving my rally car to work (road car broken or in bits)... I was trying to turn left from King St/Sydney Road onto Broadway/Parramatta Rd, so I was in the left lane... unfortunately, there was a car parked in the left lane, and a big queue developed as everyone tried to move over one lane...

    Rally car - roll cage, harnesses, race seats... there is no looking over your shoulder, so I moved WITHIN my lane so I could see in the mirror what was coming...

    right at that moment, a guy I worked with comes screaming past the queue of stopped traffic, in the lightly trafficked next lane, probably doing 60 or more, 30cm from their door handles...

    of course the movement of my car WITHIN MY LANE, scared the sh!t out of him, he swerved all over the road, and tor into me when I got to work...

    because in his mind, he was totally right to ride at whatever speed he wanted in HIS lane, he obviously didn't learn how easily it all could have gone pear shaped for him...

    What other 'unthinking' riding examples do people have that might make others think 'hey, I've done that, and now that you mention it, not smart'???

  2. I've ridden on gympie road, that was obviously pretty stupid behaviour.

    If you want to see your thread hang around I would alter your heading.
  4. I was only yelling 'cause that is what we always do about stupid cagers...

    Do you think it will get pulled down waiting for a mod to review it???

    I don't think I am trying to troll or anything... being pretty serious about starting a dialogue about stupid things we riders do, without thinking about the consequences...

    I'll see if I can take the yelling out of the title just in case...

  5. I was thinking the same thing this morning when I was in the bus.

    A bike was filtering through traffic and then moved into the lane, in front of the bus I was in and when the bus driver was already signalling that he was moving out to general traffic.

    Bus had to stop suddenly (people falling over, jerking forward etc.) to avoid hitting the bike (bike almost looked like it was touching the bus from where I sat). Bus driver quite rightly beeped his horn, but the bike rider just gave him the finger and started filtering again when there was a gap.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on which way you look at it), Darwin's law seems to apply more often to bike riders then cagers (i.e if you stuff up, you most likely will hurt more than just your ego which SHOULD should mean you will be less likely to stuff up next time), meaning over time the skill level of the general bike riding community should improve (not so with cagers).
  6. Bike riders that dawdle and don't own their lane. Cagers dont know whether they're pulling over, trying to let them past, or just retarded. Usually the latter.

    Bike riders that systematically leave their indicators on. Get ready to be run over.

    Bike riders that get merged into or get cut off, and do NOTHING but get on their horn hoping the cage will miss them. Forget about the fcuking horn, get on a white line and get the hell out of there.

    Bike riders that take right away because they have right away and ignore another vehicles indicators. You might be right but you're gonna get flattened.

    And it goes on.
  7. I'm sitting at the lights.

    Some squid in a bmw motorcycle of sorts pulls up behind me.

    I take off from the lights, he guns it around me, over a painted traffic island and through a turning lane on the opposite side of the road to get around me. Only to have to stop at the next set of lights 20m up the road :roll:

    He takes off again gunning it, I follow at a distance and he turns where I want to turn - a 90-degree corner. He crawls through it and I'm about to round him up on the outside, though pulled back once I got level with his rear wheel. Stupid straight-line hero.
  8. Since when has a full race harness been legal for road use.
  9. ^^ i was thinking the same thing. not attacking the person or anything but i think its stupid to drive a rally car or any car that you cant see properly out of on the road

  10. dipshit moves are open to interpretation. what i may find dangerous, may not be thought of as such by others.

    my example:

    being overtaken by another rider up my left side within the same lane whilst i'm leaning to take the corner at speed is kinda foolish.

    ^^^---there should be a comma or two in amongst all that, shouldn't there?
  11. Always if it's installed properly.
  12. In NSW 4 point harnesses are not illegal... you used to be able to buy ADR approved harnesses at Repco, and if you fitted them to original seat belt mounts they were legal... you can't get ADR approved harnesses anymore, simply because no one goes for the ADR approval...

    Now in NSW rally cars are most likely on conditional registration, so they can travel on the road without needing to comply with some ADRs...

    That part of the post was just to explain that I really was only moving within my lane, and it totally surprised him, and he got the sh!ts big time... In his position, if I am doing 60km/h more than a queue of stopped cars, I would be totally surprised if one didn't pull out into me...

    If I see a car slowing down, I slow down, buffer, set up, and watch very very closely.... let alone if it is a queue of cars...

  13. I had a non-ADR one in my car, NSW also. Just need to get it noted on an engineers certificate.
  14. Motorbike roaders that ride up the emergency lane on a freeway. It is called an Emergency lane for a reason.
  15. Splitting faster than walking pace in stopped traffic... done it often (what could happen?), but not any more (pedestrians!) >_<.
  16. I think in addition to the ones already mentioned it's the percentage plays: splitting, overtaking or basically any other move where 100% of everything* has to go right for the rider to make it through unscathed. That includes blind corners too.

    *behaviour and skills of the rider, behaviour, skills and alertness of all drivers in the vicinity, conditions, road surface, equipment, etc etc
  17. being overtaken by another rider up my left side, within the same lane
    whilst i'm leaning to take the corner at speed, is kinda foolish.

    There's your commas :p
  18. There're your commas, technically ;)

    Coming up the inside to check someone's grammar, while they're leaned in correcting someone else's grammar, is kinda foolish ;)
  19. Do it every day. I contest it's one of the safest place on a motorway one the traffic goes into stop/start mode.

    You do need to put rules on yourself, but there's nothing wrong with it and it should be legal with special rules.
  20. I agree entirely.

    Whenever I see a bike go down the emergency lane, I think; "That's what I'd do too, safer than splitting inbetween traffic."