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Stupid mod or Ingenious? Spada mirrors.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by agttr, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. A mate was chucking out his pushie last night and I took the mirrors off them with the daft idea of putting them on my commuter. Gave it a trial run an hour ago and it takes awhile to get used to. Cost me nothing really but having said I'm definitely keeping the original mirrors in my tank bag just in case.


    I guess night shift and lack of sleep may have been the contributing factor here.

    Feel free to sink the boot in or hail my ingenuity. Even better, post up any cheap or absurd mods that you've done.

  2. LOL

    well they're not to my taste... but its not my bike!
  3. nice, ive been to severall pushie shops looking for a set like that.

    allot cheaper than a $150 set of crg's
  4. Nice, how well do the mirrors work? I bought a set of Rizoma bar end mirrors and although they looked really good I couldn't see anything behind me. This could be a cheap and effective alternative.
  5. The mirrors work fine Deadsy. As to what you see behind you with these, well I guess that's debatable. Looking in the mirror it appears a car is good distance behind, only to do a head check in my blind spot to find the car is one length off my tail.

    slickncghia, the mirrors are "schwinn", and the guy at work said he picked them up from Target or Kmart for $5 or $6 a piece, he couldn't remember. They had a bendable middle section that I removed so I can make them shorter and more rigid while at a decent speed.

    I rode in to work last night and got on the freeway to see how they fare. Needless to say they did well, aside from hitting freeway speeds and the right hand mirror starting to fold in. (I should find a better way to secure them than using a piece of wire.:LOL:) On the way home this morning through Belgrave, again they worked a treat. I may post up a pic of what they look like unattached to the bike and I'm sure you'll see how daft they are.

    They are concave but I'm sure you can find a flatter mirror than will put you more at ease as you ride and stay aware of what's around you. Can't stress enough the importance of head checks. Never rely on mirrors alone, no matter whether they cost you in the $100's or they're a cheap find.
  6. I've put the stock mirrors back on as they are a shedload safer to detect the traffic behind, especially while waiting at the lights. Was fun having cheap-ass bar end mirrors though, made it easier to filter through to the front, but these ones just weren't the safest option.