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Stupid mistake tonight

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by KawasakG, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. So... tonight, this. Wanted to turn right, but had a red arrow. So, I was going to continue straight across the road on the green then bust a u turn and turn left. Then the red arrow disappeared, so I initiated my turn to the right. Thumb reached for the indicator as soon as the tyre hit the stones that I didn't see. The rest, not good.... not good. So, yeah... Took a chunk out of the toe of my footwear that I threw down, but the shiny side remained up. Can't complain. This trip was to solely to buy one of my dogs a squeaky toy. Was almost a very, very expensive trinket!

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  2. Those last minute decisions, they get ya sometimes :)
  3. I like the way you look over your shoulder after ................ 'who put that gravel there?'
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  4. I felt like I had to draw attention to the fact there was shti on the road, because I must have looked a damn fool honking while flailing around on a motorbike! Two days after I put loud aftermarket pipes on, too. Just brilliant.
  5. Did u beep your horn at the rock?
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  6. Still upright well done:woot:
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  7. Gravel and stones are not our friends, about a month into riding i came round a blind corner and lost it on some gravel strewn across the esplanade.

    i learned which line to take in that corner after that (i was too far left lel) so every time i go round there which has been god knows how many in the last 4 years ,i haven't hit the gravel ever again which is still there :)

    nice on keeping it up right :) good job, lol at the random beep though.
  8. I WAS HITTING THE INDICATOR!!!!!11, lol. When it hits the fan I guess you just hold on and let reactions take over. Now that I think about it, when my missus rear-ended me (photoshop that quote!) on our L plates, she held the horn from upright, to sliding, to hitting me. A good second and a half worth. If we can't look back and laugh, we'd cry :]
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  9. Yep, love the way you beeped then looked behind you. Hey, great save and yeah, great job. Again, the beep made it:))
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  10. Well done for not going down mate. That loose gravel is scary stuff, I friggin hate it.
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  11. Nothing like crappy conditions to make you feel like this

    At least you didn't get bucked off (y)
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  12. Good recovery. It just highlights the need to expect the unexpected, and keep up your skills just in case.
  13. If you survive it, the only REALLY stupid mistake is the one you don't learn from. The rest can be chalked up to experience.
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  14. I had something similar happen to me in Tassie..

    Beautiful sweeping roads, brraaap, brake tip lean yada ya we know how it goes..
    Then next minute, no signs and an inch of loose rocks..

    fcaaaark.. im gonna die.


    Well done on staying up right.

    At least you didn't whisky throttle it.
  15. not that luck for me, one night i was entering a corner and a construction site pipe was just lying on the road.
    Bike jumped and landed just 2 inches from the road edge, and my upper body slapped on the fences for 2 sec... couldnt hold but let the bike go :(
  16. Good save mate
  17. Did you get your Ls through Stay Upright?
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