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stupid mechanics

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by scotts RR, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. hey guys, i just got my cbr250rr serviced, and, the stupid mechanic put little or NO oil in my bike.i rode it for a good 200kms before i started to noyice a clunking knocking noise. i didnt think much of it to begin cos i was going over some really rough roads....... but i pulled up to the next servo to have a closer look.... checked the dipstick..... and argh! no oil. put a full litre bottle in it to hit the dipstick. the bike idled ok and didnt lose any power but under acceleration this god almighty cluck would carry on. didnt matter what gear i was in, the faster the wheels went the faster the clunck....... ive ridden another 200kms since and its stopped doing it..... all perfect. i wont name the place but they are inb toowoomba qld, the sell lots of blue and white bikes and the name ends with HA. this is not the 1st time this shop has near destoyed bikes either. does anybody know what that nosie could have been?

  2. should have walked back into the shop with a sledge hammer. nothing would shit me more than trusting my pride and joy into someone's hands and them fcuking it up :evil:
  3. 2 things.

    1) Probably bearing knock, or cam/rocker noise from oil starvation.

    2) Always check engine oil, coolant level (where water cooled) and axle nuts/pinch bolts BEFORE you ride away from the servicing mechanic.

    It's sad to think you have to double check their work, but prevention is better than cure, and sadly too many people are distracted doing other things that they might easily overlook something simple like refilling the oil.
  4. Assuming you knew this beforehand, the question arises, why did you take it there?
  5. burn the place down.

    luckily for u ive heard of hondas with the throttle open all the ways melting their extacteres with no oil in the engine before the dam thing would stop working.
  6. [/quote]
    this is not the 1st time this shop has near destoyed bikes either

    Assuming you knew this beforehand, the question arises, why did you take it there?

  7. Probably wasn't a mechanic that serviced it, probably a "technician" which is someone who can hold a spanner and get paid half what it would cost to put a proper mechanic on.
    I hate shoddy workmanship, get Consumer affairs involved right now, and document everything. I am sick of seeing people pay for other people's fcukups.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Would have been getting mighty hot as well.. An engine only needs a certain amount of oil for lubrication, the remainder is for keeping the engine cool. Good chance some components would have been expanding under heat stress. I would ring them and let them know what happened and tell them to record it for future reference. You should also make a note of who you spoke to and the details of conversation..
  9. I would definatley tell them about it, because they need to know the dunce who was responsible failed to fill it, and that could have cost you a fortune.
  10. yeh thanks guys..... my bike was getting really hot... almost on the H..... i will doument who i spoke too and when it was. and i will definatly be letting them know today.
  11. You'd better, because sooner rather than later the engine's going to need a rebuild, and you'll have to decide whether to confront them with it, or take it someone who knows what he's doing......
  12. Thats why I suggested consumer affairs Paul. I'd want all this documented by an independent third party from now on if it were me..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Quite obvious what possibly happened. The mechanic neglected to top up the oil after putting a new oil filter in. You fill the oil, and the big cavity that the oil filter inhibits fills with oil, causing the level to drop. Inexcusable, but better then no oil at all.

    Your level reading was with the bike vertical, too, I'm guessing? CBR250ARRRs need to be level when dipstick readings are taken?

    (Edited to rectify the influence of ale...)
  14. Mate, get a workshop manual and some shifters. You won't look back! I was sick and tired of paying good money for apprentices to fcuk up things on my bike, and waiting a week for the most basic of stuff.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience.
  15. +1 i hate mech, the less i can do to them the better.
  16. If the clunking was a function of road (wheel) speed and independent of what gear you were in (ie engine speed) I'd be looking at drive train. Clunking due to engine damage wont suddenly repair itself with just some oil. Maybe the chain had been adjusted too tight and some extra K's have added enough wear so the tight spot is'nt as tight.

    Although giving you the bike with a litre of oil short is slack (and I'd be asking for some money back anyway) it shouldnt spell the demise of a sound engine provided you weren't hammering it to within an inch of its life anyway.
    Lesson learnt - dont go back there
  17. :shock: :shock: you're so lucky man :wink: honda engines was the best and they works in every conditions :grin: so, don't worry for the future service for your bike..i'll come the next year to open my new garage in victoria near melbourne i'll think...ask me all that you want and i'll try to resolve all your problems! have a nice day! :cool:
  18. The motorcycle industry is phucked in the head.
  19. N'er a truer word spoken on this forum.