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Stupid little critters

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jaxman, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. A bit of a quick background, where I am, in the lovely country side, we have a reasonably sized property, 360 acres, and it's our own little world and paradise. Till the damn critters show up, Fox's, Wombats, Roo's, Snakes etc etc. to be honest most of em are harmless, Roo's are alright, Wombats dig a fair sized cave but it's no bother, snakes just want to do their own thing which dosnt bother me as long as that ain't in my house. But those damned Fox's have been doing my nut in.

    They steal the lads balls and outdoor toys, they killed the cats, took me boots, and just generally wreak havoc where ever they go. So I'm cleaning the bike for the gp, bit of a polish and maintenance so she looks the part for the next 4 days and all is well with the world. Then I see it, decent sized critter too and I watch him watching me fave lil gal cat "turbo" and no way in hell am I letting nature take its course this time. So off to the back of the shed I go, unlock the locker, grabbed the trusty trifle, in with a sleeping pill and I'm set.

    But the critter has other ideas, he bolts, I turn to lay him to rest, another bites the dust, but in my hast I've kicked the fork stand, it's tipped the front, the rear followed suit and there she lays, broken, dirty, a shadow of her former self. It's busted the fairing round the tail lights, broken the right side, smashed an indicator, broken my screen, and just generally made a right mess. I've now sorted most of it, well to a riding standard at least. But if it wasn't for those little critters all would be well, so I'm blaming them and cursing there very existence, but I know deep down, it's all my bloody fault.

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  2. Oh I got him mate, I now want his entire blood line lol. Don't ever let it be said that what your taught in the army can't be used on a farm, I'm putting it all into practice as write these words, but damn its cold.
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  3. Hang him from the fence to warn the others.
  4. He is hanging alright, about 100 yards away with a clear line of sight, these critters love eating their own kind.
  5. Used to live on a dairy farm, after you sprain your ankle a number of times you get annoyed with wombats but foxes are tricky things.. though my farm cat was as tough as an old boot.. used to bring home what used to look like rolled up carpet in the end, not much left but the skins of foxes and the big rats. Never touched any of the native wild life, and slept with the chickens.

    Worst of all was the Fox calls.. would always set the dogs off at night.
  6. Too true, weird arse noise it is too, first few times I heard I thought I was in some Blair witch project nightmare hey lol. We used to be in the dairy game, still keep cows here but only for breeding calving and when there dry. Chose to seek our fortunes in another game, we play that game rather well but the fortune part still eludes us.