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Stupid Licence test :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. So stupid that i PASSED :woot:
    No more L Plate making me look like a n00b loser :p

    And just to confirm that whichever greater being is looking over us all hates me and didn't want to end my day on a high, I get home to quickly change before i head out again and in that time my sister backs over my baby snapping off the front brake lever and cracking the front fairing and screen :cry: :cry:

    If anyone knows where i can buy that plastex stuff can they please post up where i can get it from so i can fix this damage asap, thanks.
  2. That sucks dude, i know how you feel but at least it wasnt my sister that hit my bike :roll:

    Congrats on the P's though :applause:
  3. Go up to the top of the page, just under the add, you'll see "search"

    Use that and you'll find this........ http://www.plastex.net.au/
    (sorry for the sarcasm :wink: )

    Good news about the Test... \:D/
    Not so good news about the cracks :furious:

  4. Congrats on passing your P's test!! Piece of piss hey??

    So which hospital can we visit your sister at to give her our condolences??

  5. So...........which side of her head are you shaving while she sleeps tonight? :LOL:

    Congrat's on the licence!
  6. congrats on your licence Kraven !!!

    Comiserations to your family at the loss of your sister..........
  7. Congratulations Kraven on passing your P's that is great news, easy wasn't it :grin: Your sister on the other hand, words fail me. Hopefully it has provided a most insightful lesson for her - LOOK AT FOR BIKES! Hopefully she will pay to fix the damage.
  8. Well done mate. :grin:

    Pass on my condolences to your sister regarding her recently severed fingers. :cry:
  9. Well done on the licence..........Damn about the bike!
  10. I was actually looking for a shop that sells it because i don't have access to a credit card at the moment ;)

    Yes the sister will be paying for everything to be fixed, brake lever will be replaced and she will pay for the plastex but i'll just patch up the fairing and the screen so it doesn't end up costing her lots of $$$'s (I'm a good brother :grin: )
    Luckly i haven't gotten around to painting the front fairing yet so it's still in primer :)
  11. Well done Michael :grin: sorry about the bike tho :shock:
  12. Congats on the licence mate :cool:

    Tell your sister that there are three mirrors for a reason :cry:
  13. Well done on the pass - am sure you did it with flying colours :) Cheers bb
  14. Congrats on getting off the Ls, it's a good feeling to take those plates off.

    Bad luck on the sister reversing into your bike, keep away from all cages, including your family.
  15. Pfft. I never displayed one anyway :p

    The best thing about getting off L's in Vic is that you can pillion someone and only get a 1 pointer fine without having to worry about the 2 points for not displaying the L ... ah gotta love my respect for the law :wink:

  16. hey, did your sister offer to pay for the repairs???

    see... my bro is forcing me to pay for repairs for his bike which i dropped...

    it's unregistered and he doesn't ride it...
  17. Yay, and booo.

    I got my plastex from Peter Stevens in the city. If I remember rightly, it's up high on your left as you go into the parts desk area.
  18. top stuff Michael, you will notice less drag now that yellow plate is removed, probably get another 10 - 15k out of that little baby blade :p
  19. well done kraven boy
    pitty about the little incident... but thats sweet how long is not till you get off your p's and get into a bigger bike??
  20. Congratulations Kraven, of course now you still have a 12 month wait till you can (legally) get something bigger anyway. Still at least the yellow tailgater magnet is gone, let's just hope your bike is the last one your sister hits with a car.