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Stupid lane splitting scooter!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duffman, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. #1 Duffman, Nov 14, 2006
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    This is just a quick yell to the idiot riding the 50cc VMoto down stirling highway in North Freo this morning. She was splitting as the traffic was terrible today, which ordinarily would be fine. BUT for gods sake only split to the front if you can take off faster than the rest of the traffic. She split to the front of the right lane then when the lights went green she putted along getting over taken by about 5 cars in the left lane.

    The only thing this achieves is pissing off all the cars behind.

    This applies to most 50cc scoots because 99% of them cant accelerate fast enough. But it also applies to some bikes who just dont bother taking off quickly. As far as i'm concerned its rude, selfish and dangerous.

    As Tom Cruise said..."put your manners back in"

  2. It's assclowns like that who give the rest of us scooterists a bad name. :?

    I saw something similar a couple of weeks back on the way to work. Some dude on a blue Vmoto Monza was trying to be big and clever by lane splitting to the front of the lights on Richmond Road. From my observation point (Croydon Road) I was pretty peeved about this. Not only is he helping to maintain bad relations between scooterists and other road users, but if another two wheeler with enough guts to get out of its own way wanted to get to the front, they'd be screwed.

    Anyway, my disgust turned to amusement when the lights turned green, and Vmoto Wanker gets well and truly owned ... by a chick in a Festiva!! :rofl:
  3. I've only had the misfortune of being stuck behind twits like this on a couple of occasions, due to the fact I usually use the bike to commute. But when I have, I've found the sound of my V8 screaming it's tits off 2" from their rear wheel coupled with my horn has the desired effect.
  4. scooterists

    ive seen this happen a few times. just what we need.. more cars trying to drag past at the lights to maintain their pack position. never mind if it leaves you nowhere to go. i personally wouldnt try to get my 250 to the front of many cars when i was on my L's. even now ill size up a car on my gsxr 1000 before sticking my ride and body in it and everyone behinds way.

    ofcorse on the other hand there are those drivers that will try to race you regardless. there is only one thing that gets me upset on the road and its people that purposely put you or others in danger. If their driving responsibly they can accidently knock me off my bike all day.
  5. It wasn't black and cream was it? I saw a chick on a V-Moto join the freeway south at the end of Stirling highway yesterday as I was on my way to South Perth. Now last time I looked it was not only dangerous to punt a 50 on the freeway, it was illegal too...........
  6. No it t'was not a cream/black one but i bright red one (i thought red ones were faster?). Anyway the point is that she could have just split not right to teh front but stop a car or 2 back and then she wouldnt have held anyone up. SImple courtesy if you ask me.

    And inci, as far as i'm aware it is illegal to travel on the freeway at more than 20km/hr under the limit unles required to by weather/traffic/road conditions. So therefore a 50cc scoot would be banned as well, and so they should. Bloody hell you'd have to have some serious balls to tackle the freeway on a 50cc scooter! :shock:
  7. She probably figured "Anyone who thinks they need to go faster than me is a reckless hoon anyway, so they can just wait patiently."

    Wuz she HAWT??!!??
  8. Or some serious air between your ears..........
  9. IMHO 50cc engines should only be on pocket bikes and lawn mowers.
    They should set a minimum of 80cc in 2 stroke and 200cc in 4 stroke for scooters.
    If a vehicle can't accelerate to 100kph and maintain that speed, it just shouldn't be on the road. Period.
  10. Yes... very lame..... But perhaps they were late for an important appointment...
  11. in Italy they have a rule where you cant go on the motorways with an engine less than 150cc.
  12. I cannot see much difference between a 50cc scooter doing this and a bicycle. Isn't it the same thing in principle except that a bicycle will hold up traffic even worse?
  13. Having comuted 30km each way to work on pushie (used to race for years) you could maintain 30km/per hour in traffic you cars would only come past reasonbly slowly. Even when they did (on a road bike) you would sit right left not a issue. When I tried commuting on a MTB they were two wide on the road with cars and just phucking dangerous. Road (pushbike) is the way to go.

    Best fun I had was slipstreaming behind a bus at 90km per hour down Southern Cross Drive, had a bloke in a ute hanging out the window telling how fast I was going, I had a speedo and already knew. Gez it was fun. Looking back also gez it was dangerous

  14. 50cc scooter riders get to jump on without any two wheel training - they're the ones in thongs and shorts doing their worst. No comprehension.

    Big shame job.
  15. i must admit i tend to agree re cyclists splitting to the front. It really does hold up traffic. On major roads surely the idea should be to move traffic to/from the city relatively quickly. These obstructions are not needed.

    However, cycling is and always will be favoured because of its "green" nature....and rightly so, i'm all for bicycles, so maybe we just have to get used to that.

    One thing i dont understand is that its perfectally legal for bicycles to split to the fron so why isnt it for motorbikes? Actually thats a rhetorical question because the answer is obviously they want to encourage people to cycle but they want to discourage people from motorcycles.
  16. Ahhh the sheer joy in being overtaken by a car on a bicycle with him having two wheels 6 inches from you and fresh damage on that side of the car to show how well he knows its width. And then to watch him slam on the brakes for the next bunch of cars while you sail past him. Cyclists are only slowing down cars if they aint going to wind up stuck behind the same car they would have been stuck behind anyway. The fact that it took em 10 seconds more to get to that red light is only makeing em slower in their mind.
    Obvious I thought.
  17. and ofcorse you have your safe zone. a push bike can sit pretty close to the gutter and usually leave enough room for traffic to get past. on a motorbike or scooter your safe zone is often the white line. id say its more dangerous having two cars overtake while your sitting on the white lines (or lack of) in the middle of an intersection.

    but we all have to learn. im sure their arent many riders who havent missed the green or stalled or been in the wrong gear or had cars tear past regardless.
  18. as a cyclist as well i know that you can keep a speed of 30 -40 kmh thought the city and in that sort of conditions the cars struggle to keep up. cars also have less quams about overpassing you within 30cm. the number of cars that missed my bar ends by mm was isane not to mention pedestrians....

    man it use to be fun... :twisted:
  19. Always disconcerting to have some moron pass you 3 inches away then have to park a metre from the curb cos they couldnt judge the distance any better.
  20. I've got nothing at all against decent scooters or scooter riders, but I agree that these piddly-arsked 50cc jobs are a menace on the roads, and only add to the already heightened frustrations in traffic.
    They just are'nt powerful enough to go with the regular traffic flow...
    No wonder there seems few reported deaths on these things...you could always jump off and run away faster, in the event of trouble!

    People buy them because they are CHEAP, and maybe look cool for certain things I suppose....but the reality of riding with traffic today, makes them a dangerous proposition.

    A 150cc engined Scooter can at least keep up the pace, and has a little bit in reserve for when it's needed...I can't see why anyone would be satisfied with less than that. (groan).