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Stupid Kids

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Matts250r, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Well it looks like no bike for me for a while:

    Was riding my ninja 250 in the wet and got hit by a car that didn't see and giveway to me at the round about. It was wet and I was already completely in the round about turning right: just didn't expect anything to happen but it did, and it was really slippery so I couldn't stop quick enough.

    My bike was hit on the front side, I fell off, bike is a total loss. But i was going very slow, so just a couple of bruises thank god.

    But this time, it isn't entirely the driver's fault. There were some kids running across the road that the car had to stop suddenly, then the guy took off looking left at the kids, instead of right and into the roundabout. [-(

    Honestly, I hate saying this because I'm still not an adult either, but what the hell? Who would just run across the road like that?

    But the worst bit, except not having a bike, is the insurance, I didn't have any (and this has completely changed my perspective on that), but the guy who hit me did, and I've since been paid out for the bike, though I wasn't too pleased with what they gave me for it.

    I'm not sure it this part belongs in the near miss section, but anyway:
    I'm going to claim my helmet, but I only have a cheap one, does anyone know if i can get away with sending a photo of a more expensive one instead? They said just email them pics of my damaged gear, do they check to see that you actually had that?

    Thanks for any help. Now saving for a daytona 675 :)
    RIP courtney (that was my bike's name)
  2. Better the bike than you, glad your oryt man
  3. I had insurance when I was taken out and based on my claim for gear I had to post it to the insurance company, blood, grime and receipts, for them to pay out for it.
  4. Don't try to scam them. It's not worth the risk.
  5. I'd say it's still 100% the drivers fault, just because he was distracted by something is no excuse for not checking the roundabout before proceeding.

    Not that useful for you now, but for others that find themselves in a situation like yours - When an insurance company makes an offer it is just that, an OFFER and can be negotiated.
  6. I had to send in my wrecked helmet, jacket and boots for my first at fault claim...Don't try to scam, you'll just get caught out..
  7. You named your bike courtney? that's a very specific name!

    Glad you got off lightly. Hope all insurance pays out nicely and smoothly and gets you back where you belong (on two wheels) as soon as possible.
  8. Why lie? You did not take out any insurance yet want to take advantage of a situation by insurance fraud, be thankful you got what you did.
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    I would go further to say that the driver should have been in a higher state of awareness after the kids and it makes matters worse. I know when ever I've had a near miss I will ride with spider man awareness afterwards.
  10. Please dont fraud the Insurance Company.
    You only paid for a cheap helmet to start with, why should I pay for you to get a better one because you where involved in a prang???

    You are only really stealing from the rest of us who pay the premiums.

    And it is NEVER, EVER 100% the drivers fault. I hope you learn that soon. :-s
  11. 110% the drivers fault.
  12. Absolutely.
  13. one of this site's sponsors is an insurance company........ :wink:
  14. if the OP isn't sure, how can you be when all you have to go on is his report???
  15. Bikes are replacabel humans arent!! Glad you're ok, Swann Ins when I claimed just wanted pics of the damaged clothing, helmet etc, normally the wanted a pic of the helmet with the 'D' rings slashed off the helmet so it cant be used again!!

  16. Keep this nonsense out of a thread that is discussing insurance payouts.
  17. What is THAT supposed to mean?? sbk_750 is 100% correct;

    And it is NEVER, EVER 100% the drivers fault. I hope you learn that soon.

    contrary to some opinion, motorcycling is not some god-given right to blame anyone and everyone else for the things that go wrong to us; of the hundreds of threads and posts about accidents that have been put up here over the years, the answer to the question "do you think there is something I could have done?" is almost always some version of 'yes'.......
  18. [MOD HAT ON]That's not up to you to decide....... [MOD HAT OFF]
  19. Correct called defensive riding,most riders only look as far as the front wheel or a couple of meters ahead of themselves,we sometimes have to give the cagers a go their not all aholes.