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Stupid idea or not??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by avanti_rider, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys, I am turning 18 in late september and want to get my motorcycle L's ASAP. I have been riding (dirt bikes) for a while so am pretty confident in passing the test (have practised the skills over and over). The question i have is here in country VIC there is a motorcycle licensing testing literally 1 single day before i turn 18, i'm wondering if maybe i should give the fuys at Stay Upright a buzz and see if the will allow me to complete the course. I'm interested to see what your thoughts are... am i just being too hopeful or is this a possibility?

  2. Worth a shot, I'm not familiar with VIC laws but here in NSW you can get your bike Ls when you're 16 and 9 months (..I think). And here when you do the pre-L course you dont actually have your license, just the ability to go the the rta, sit a test and then get the license.
  3. Not sure how you will go with it. When I went for my licence the three months for L's was the day after the Sunday the course would be held. I asked if it was possible to take the test as the paperwork wouldn't be submitted until the Monday making it 3 months exactly. Got a straight "no" answer so waited the extra week. But I would say it is still worth asking.

  4. u have answered your own question bud

  5. No. When you pass the L course, they give you a provisional paper L licence which is effective immediately. You receive your plastic licence in the mail from VicRoads several weeks later. If you aren't of legal age, they won't be able to issue you the paper licence, which defeats your purpose.
  6. Cheers Guys.

    Thanks Speed_demon, thats what i guess i was getting at... Maybe just a bit caught up in te excitement of being so close!
  7. The wait makes it that much better. Only a few days anyway.
  8. On ya mate for trying!! Just remember to indicate where necessary on the L test, I think that's the only possible way a dirt rider can stuff up the practical. :p
  9. Doesn't sound good for you, but I'd make a call anyway, just in case.
  10. I'm sure I've heard of someone is a similar situation. He had his learners and went for the licence test 3 days before the min term for learners. He passed the test and was allowed to return a few days later to pick up his licence.
    Give it a go
  11. Give it a go, cant hurt
  12. there was a course the weekend of my birthday... was 18 on the sunday... had to wait till the next one. this was HARTs though, and i didnt pressure it.