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Stupid humans

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mendy, Oct 2, 2011.

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  2. straight out of the 'how to do everything wrong' manual. in both cases :roll:
  3. Wow, some people are just plain dumb…
  4. Love the comment - "wow, you guys are the dumbest riders I've seen in a long time. I assume by the 1 post, and it being 3 years ago, that your dead now."
  5. The trouble with that stuff is it makes us all look really bad.

    If I thought for a minute that was a piece of quick thinking and clear decision making under pressure, I'd cut him some slack, but first he entered a corner too fast, then he realised the road surface was bad, so then he stood it up, and only then (I reckon) did he think about the possibility of on-coming traffic.

    I hope he has one of those nice pastel books about angels on his night-stand, because you should know about the stuff that saves you.
  6. I laughed at that one haha. Harsh but true.
  7. *HeaddeskHeaddeskHeaddesk*
  8. Why do all the Buell videos involve crashes and dumb near misses?
  9. because they are a sportsbike for harley riders??
  10. The only thing they didn't do wrong it looked was not to crash! Incredible given target fixation, poor riding posture and downright douchebag riding... How at the 'right' moment one successfully evaded the oncoming car with quick reflexes, and the 'cam bike' turned harder and avoided the traffic was against all odds at that point I reckon...
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    If I can just hijack the thread briefly, I saw the following related:


    At 43s - crossing yellow lines, a little crossed up made me think hmmm. Same with the posture at 1:06. At 2:16 he seemed to run a bit wide on the corner, with extremely poor posture again. Made me wonder, in this guys head, he surely knew deep down that he was pushing his skill? Then the crash at 2:21.

    I just wonder if people could observe themselves and see the signs earlier, they could identify that they were pushing too hard? Even if not without the skills, something like running slightly wide, and wobbling through a corner or 2 has to give you a hint...

    I wonder how many crashes, you could premeditate through behaviour in the previous 5 minutes?
  12. How could you balls that up? Dumbf#ck!

    Most of them. No doubt.
  13. Next question then - do you reckon it would be possible to compile a list of "if you do/spot/feel these things, then ease up?"

    Probably not is my guess - because that seems to come from experience. Even if you could give a list of signs, they would mean little without context.

    As for how he stuffed it - looked like ran wide, target fixate, then abandon the corner and try to brake - too much rear, starts to lowside followed by too much front... Made a bad situation, worse and then made it worse again to boot. Lowsiding wasn't enough so had to flip it.
  14. It does come from experience, yes.

    I don't see how. That was a good example. What was wrong there? Not much. Then it all turned to poo. You can brake much harder than that. You can turn much harder than that. Buels go better than that. I know - I've diced with them at track days. Not much straight line go, but they handle pretty good. Properly ridden, that bike could have got around that corner at about twice that speed.
  15. You are right - even if it is a n00b target fixate/run wide mistake you would have thought he could brake at the speed he was going. Going wide didn't surprise me - it was just how quickly and exponentially he made it worse! If he had decent skills learnt, and good technique, could have stopped/braked well etc... If he had decent technique he probably wouldnt have stuffed it in the first place.
  16. Thing is, they weren't even going that fast. He could have made that corner at that speed, but he was a shit rider.
  17. He was riding outside his comfort zone, as his awkward body posture attests.

    Position your body into the turn, not against it. The only time I do the latter is to scrub in new tyres at safe speeds [and occasionally for teh lulz].
  18. oh my god... these people all suck so much!! How is it possible to suck THIS much!! I mean, they are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. You can even tell from the way the camera moves that their riding is just plain wrong. and I'm a p-plater.
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    Told them what I thought. Gave them some advice too.