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Stupid Holden's Holidays...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. well I'm shitty.
    Pagan & I had big plans for next year, we were going to ride over together (maybe bring dad too) for the Moto GP, & then continue through to melbourne to visit some netriders.

    On Friday Pagan was informed of Holden's new policy for holidays next year.

    All holden employees get 4 weeks paid leave. 3 of these are over the forced christmas shutdown. Then in july there will be a 2 week shutdown consiting of 5 payed days off, and 1 week annual leave.

    That's right - all his entitled leave has been used for forced shutdowns. he cannot choose any time off himself. he gets what they give him.

    The biggest problem with this is that due to MY job in govt, I can't take leave over christmas or during the end of the financial year. SO as it stands, we will not have any leave together for the next year.

    it's FOOOOKED!!!!!

    He has 1 option, which is to return to work earlier in the hopes of getting an extra week off which he can choose.

    he;s going to ask about that today.
    we were so looking forward to the ride!!!
  2. Has he/his co workers signed a workplace agreement stating this, or are they just trying to force it on them?
    If they haven't signed workplace agreements, with the new holiday arrangements in writing, I'd be looking at taking the issue to the Department of Labour and Industry. I sure as hell wouldn't sign such an agreement.
    Otherwise, I think Holden is about to lose a heap of employees. This is typical of management who only think workers are numbers. It will bite when they can't employ anyone to replace the people who leave, due to their 18th century inflexibility.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Hey Andrew, no he hasn't signed a workplace agreement (he refuses to) and neither have most of the other workmates.

    I told him he should call the union about it - it's unfair that they can't choose when to take holidays.

    But they got a letter explaining that it's in agreement with clause 12 (or something) of their enterprise bargening agreement. I.E the union agreed to this during negotiations of their last EBA.

    Holdens ARE losing employees - cause they keep sacking people & not replacing them.

    My BF has not worked on the line for a year - however they are so short of skilled workers he was back on the line all last week & will probably be there this week again! he said they sack someone over something trivial, then don't replace them, so they end up with 3 people doing a 6 person job & they can't go for a loo break or the line will stop!!!

    Again I told him to chat to the union about that cause it's downright unhealthy & dangerous.
  4. I've worked in situations like that. I hope it works out for him/ both of you. The stress will quickly take its toll, so I hope he's looking around for other options.
    The union sounds like it is run by Holden executives!

    Best of luck,

  5. Sounds like Holden are just grumpy 'cos they didn't win Bathurst!!
    But seriously, if you can't coordinate your annual leaves, what's the point? One of you might have to change jobs....
  6. yes he is, luckily he has a trade so he's looking at a few options at the moment.

    Thanks for the support Andrew, up till this year we had 1 week of holidays together a year. now none (except for 3 days I managed to wrangle over xmas).

    it just sucks that the year I get my unrestricted licence we can't go anywhere! lol.

    anyway he's going to chat with his supervisor today & see whether he can trade some xmas holidays for time during the year.
  7. Most likely that will be him Paul.
    I have a permenant government job - you usually don't quit those unless you have something awesome lined up! Besides I have no trade.

    I think the "casually looking" will have to turn into "seriously looking"
  8. Yeah, business seems to forget that at the end of teh day, work is just money. Careers etc are nice, but family and personal life must always come first. I particularly hate being told you're "not a team player" when you put your personal life above work. As if they don't do that........
    I'd rather a reasonable wage and a healthy life over great money and never seeing anyone!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. That's pretty shite Tash.

    I'm sure you guys will work something oout though. And there's always unpaid leave.
  10. well here's a tiny update:
    He's been given 1 extra day off before christmas, Nov 16.
    whoopie doo.
    Actually that date is significant, it's the date of the U2 concert so we're glad he got it off.

    No word yet as to whether returning to work 1 week early after christmas will result in 1 week of leave - apparently the bosses have been "unavailable" to speak to ever since they handed out the info sheet.

    Meanwhile - what's the date for the 2007 moto GP at philip island anyway?
  11. That sucks. Us teachers know what it's like to not have a choice and zero flexibility about leave and work hours. If the choice is allowed in the award he should be definately bringing it up with the union of the supervisor won't see sence.

    Good luck with it. :)
  12. While I agree that teachers can't choose their holidays, and it sucks, you DO get more than 4 weeks leave a year. chances that you & a sig other will be able to take time off at the same time are increased.

    Not bagging you I have many mates who are teachers.
  13. OH dont get me started on holidays, public holidays etc
    Real sore point in this house. Have to friggin fight tooth & nail for anything.
  14. Bugger the GP, you wanna do SBK. Much better trip all round.
  15. yeah but dad might be coming & he wants to come to the GP.

    I don't spose we know the dates for both the GP & the SB? cause that will help in determining which one we are able to attend.
  16. Quick google & got THIS @ least its a starting point.
  17. thanks charmed, will sus it out.