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Stupid fall

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by elefunksoup, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Just over a week ago, the bike was playing up a bit - hard to start then stalling. Got her going, then she stalled in second as I slowed down for a give way sign. So I changed into first and prepared to stop so I could then start her up again. Well something went wrong between boot and road because next thing I'm down, then immediately up again, but find bike on her side and leaking gas. So ignition off, then try to right her. Was starting to panic cos I couldn't do it alone but a woman walked past and offered a hand, and we had no trouble between us. Damage total was busted left indicator lens and smashed left mirror. Parts have been sourced for just over $40 so no big deal there. But she wouldn't start so I had to push her home - luckily only about 500 m! Because the bike doesn't live with me I haven't been able to investigate the cause since - I'm hoping it's the battery which can go flat (we're talking old bike here). Anyway, from feeling like I was progressing ok (I'm a very new learner), now I feel like crap. The camber of the road where I stopped is very steep to the left, but I did not have the brains to try to put my right leg down instead of my left. At least I have learned what I did wrong. I will also treat myself to new boots with better grip as I've been using my old hiking boots which are pretty worn. Anyway on top of all this my cat died last week. :nopity:

  2. Sorry to hear about your cat, and you're not the first to have a leg on the downside not reach the ground. Probably best to be wearing proper boots anyway, too (y).
  3. Need a bit more info dude. When you say it's the battery, did it crank over at all or was like the battery was not connected.
    If it cranked but would not start it could be that there has been shit in the carb(s) and once it had been dropped it could have sucked it up. This could also be the problem in the first place with it stalling on you. It is pretty common for bikes to flood after they have been dropped so it could have been an overfuel problem as to why it wouldn't start.
    If it was like the battery was not connected, that could be the problem. The knock when it was dropped could have been enough break a battery lead or knock on of the terminals off.
    And yep, as hornet said, get some decent boots.
  4. Hi Bonehead, yep it cranked over but wouldn't start. I did check the terminals all all was (obviously) connected. Good idea about the carbs, thanks.
  5. Had it happen before, give it one or two full WOT twists and then try starting it again as you normally would. It's 99% not the battery. It's not usually flooding either, it's a LACK of fuel as it all leaks out when on its side
  6. Also check the spark plugs. Are they old?
  7. ^^^This^^^ dropped my bike on some loose gravel trying to slowly pull into a set of shops carpark (****ing roadworks around liverpool area- this happened after getting back from cleaning up a nice 1,300 kilometre's in 2 days so i was frustrated understandably)....lifted the bike up...had a smoke...then turned ignition and wrung the bikes fkn neck...after about 10-15 seconds or so she slowly came back to life & i was off after i let her idle and settle down for a few mins

    best of luck - keep us posted

    edit - as much as i'm a dog person...a pets a f'n pet...shit go mate, sorry to hear about your cat.
  8. They drone into you at Learners courses to put your left leg down so you can be excused to some extent for not looking at the camber. You can't be excused now. You know. Put the leg down that is appropriate and if you need both down for stabilty then put them down.
  9. Be also aware of twigs, often found near Stop lines/signs with tree coverage. They act as miniature logs and your left foot could roll out, leaving you and your bike prone on the ground.
  10. Hi

    Firstly sorry to hear about the cat.

    Secondly know how easy this is, only just saved my bike on Monday when I put my right leg down and found the road about 5-6 inches further away than I thought. It was touch and go for what seemed like forever managed to keep her up but it just about stuffed my leg.

    Good luck getting back on the road.

    Cheers Jeremy
  11. Sorry to hear about the cat.

    Given you had problems with the bike before the fall, I don't think it has anything to do with fuel flooding or leakage. Sounds like your bike could do with a service (spark plugs, carbie, etc.).

    Good luck and keep on riding (with the new boots :)).
  12. Well further investigation has found the lack of starting after the fall was coincidental and due to a flat battery. This rectified, the bike's running worse than before and simply cannot idle now without stalling. So my "get back on the horse" ride was limited to about 5m (but my heart was in the right place). Definately service time - in fact as I have posted in another thread, it's mobile mechanic time thanks to a largely immobile bike.