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Stupid f---ing f---wits!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sonja, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Yes, I'm cranky (again) :evil:

    I almost got taken out at least twice on the ride from my dad's place home, which is all of 10km.

    Both times on roundabouts.

    First was mostly my fault, but at the same time, I had some @$$wipe overtake me on the inside (a car overtook me???) and then had to slow right down for the traffic (smart one, d!ckhead, you got real far, didn't you?). Then, approaching another roundabout (too late for me to safely stop), I find another idiot (both young males, for some odd reason. I usually find there's a high percentage of these morons are female and any age) entering to my left at some stupid speed.

    is with these people thinking they own the road and the road rules don't apply to them and that everyone else has to get out of their way (or risk getting killed if you don't)?????
  2. Don't get angry about it, it happens every day.

    I used to worry when I was cut off and / or nearly hit, now I take Toorak Road home at night, just for fun !! :grin: :grin:

    Just sit back and think, "mm you can cut me off, but your not enjoying your trip like I am !!", then continue on your merry way.

    just my 2 cents.
  3. Now now Sonja, think of your blood pressure, breath deeply, and think of something serene, a calm lake or snow capped mountain perhaps?.......
  4. Better get used to it Sonja. Nothing will change until everyone who doesnt own a bike has experienced being on a bike.

    Steps to make them think twice.

    1 - Abuse the sh!t out of them (Personal Favourite)

    2 - Have ball bearings in your pockets. When they do something stupid pull infront and let a few go by "accident" :LOL: (Have not tried yet, but willing)

    3 - If that doesnt work, wear steel capped boots and get next to them when they irritate you. Kick their door and leave them a reminder that you are there, or put it through their side window. (Yet to try this, but sounds effective)
  5. alot of the time I can't tell if a car (coming from the left) has actually noticed me entering or about to enter a roundabout.

    Too many times I've assumed they would give way only to have them plough right through with me emergency braking to avoid a crunch.

    Is it psychological? Are they only on the lookout for a car shaped object?

    Or are they just f-wits?
  6. I know it happens every day, that's what worries me. I see it far too often for it to be a good thing.

    As to abusing them, this is Canberra. We don't get traffic like you lot in Sydney and Melbourne do. It's spaced-out and fast. And full of roundabouts.

    And I would have to say they're probably only on the lookout for car-shaped objects. Big things like cars, 4WDs and trucks.

    Another pet hate is the lack of headchecks, too.
  7. I think it really is a part of riding everyday.

    Just to play devils advocate are your sure you didn't enter the roundabout too fast? Not having a go but it might be somthing to think about next time as you can't assume that the car driver will always see you. :)
  8. Sonja, sonja, you live in Canberra; the nation's capital for roundabout racing!

    But, yeah, it is annoying.....
  9. Yeah, you gotta stay calm, no matter what.
    Even so, it doesn't hurt to let 'em know. I mean, how will they ever learn if no-one ever lets them know?
    (I calmly give them 25 to 30 seconds on the horn, accompanied by multiple headlight flashes - just so everyone know WHO the d!ckhead is. They sorta shrink down into the seat after about 10 seconds :wink: )
  10. I'm looking forward to moving to Canberra for a number of reasons, one of them being the roads and traffic.

    No more bloody Sydney patchwork-quilt roads, no more intersections where you can't see an appropriate distance down the intersecting road due to buildings being pretty much flush up against the road itself, and of course, less than one-tenth of the people (read: traffic).
  11. carry a water pistol filled with break fluid, a couple of squirts on a couple panels will do the trick. Let them think about what they have done while they fork out a few hundred bucks to get them repainted.
  12. Asian male late 20's in a very old white Laser tried to take over my lane this morning without looking or indicating. I had to move to last tyre width of sealed road while braking as hard as safe to do so!
    Couldn't even think about the horn until I was safe! Pulled up next to him at next set of lights to give him a mouth full, he has take out his ear piece either phone or MP3 to hear me! My parting words with a stern wave of my finger, I've got your number!
  13. The force is strong with this one. :twisted:
  14. Prepare yourself...

    Minimum speeds here are at least 10km/hr over the posted limit, people randomly change lanes on you, bogans abound thinking they're the only ones allowed on the road. Just to give you a hint. Oh, and we really are the roundabout capital.

    On the upside, you'll get the Cotter Run (my favourite ride. Only takes ~1 hour, and you start in one part of the city and wind up in another), Namadgi, Honeysuckle Creek and Ororal Valley. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  15. I've done a bit of riding and driving (albeit as a passenger) around Canberra, and from what I have experienced its better than Sydney.

    I was going to hit up Cotter Road while my girlfriend was at work and I was sitting round at her place...I then realised that I didn't have a buzzer for her lock-up garage...doh.
  16. When you say they overtook you on the inside, were they in their own lane and you in your own lane...? or were they sharing your lane...? If the former what is the problem. If the latter why did you let them share?

    People won't pass you if you ride faster :D
  17. We were in seperate lanes, and it wasn't that he overtook me, it's that he was driving like an idiot, tailgating and all the rest of it.

    As to that last, I usually wind up overtaking them. Cars are so slow through roundabouts! :p
  18. so slow that they overtake you eh...
  19. That's actually pretty darn unusual for here. If I'm going through behind a car, I'm usually feeling like we're going 20kph and thinking "Geez, would you hurry up, this is boring...".
  20. so whats your problem or did you just feel the need to use the "F word" ?