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Stupid driver killed my bike and almost me with it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Matrix, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. My beautiful Black Blade is DEAD !!!!

    Travelling home from work on Tuesday night on the M4 I was doing about 90kmh in peak hour traffic, for some reason all the traffic braked I slowed to about 30kmh when a car behind me who was trying to change lanes and not looking at the traffic ahead hit the back of me still doing 90kmh. I was thrown about 20-30 metres landing on my back and sliding up the road. My bike was thrown about 150 metres bouncing up the road.

    Ambo took me to hospital and have found crushed vertebrae in my spine but I can still walk but will be off work for about 3 months recovering. My Black CBR1000RR which was only 4 months old was not so lucky she has way too much damage to be repaired. I am spewing as the black was a limited edition and I will not be able to find another one.

    All riders please be careful of stupid drivers, I didn't know what hit me. I am lucky that I didn't get hurt more but I do wear alot of protection on the bike and the hospital staff say that my gear has saved me from alot more damage. (I have no cuts or bruises on the outside)

    The driver is getting charged by the police and I have to keep them updated on injuries and time of rehabilitation as they are going to up the charges on the driver due to the severity of my spinal injury.

    Fear not, My insurance company is already getting prepared to buy me a new bike so I will hopefully be back on two wheels again soon.

    RIP my Black Blade :cry:

    Ride Safe
  2. that sucks Matt !

    Heal soon buddy !

    I almost got taken out by a Prado this morning, same thing, driver changing lane with banking up traffic ! I put my hand on the side of the Prado and even had time to look her in the eye, luckily she was changing lane slowly.

    I gave her a bit of a fright, but it shits me how drivers are in their own world not aware of their surroundings.
  3. Yeep... Good to hear you're (relatively) alright. Pity about the bike though. :/

    The lane-changing/sudden-braking thing is a pretty common occurance in stop-go traffic, from my experience - the second or two required to check over your shoulder before changing lanes is all the time the traffic ahead needs to drop speed suddenly, and the only safety net is to maintain a safe braking distance to the vehicles ahead while you try to change lanes. I suspect the driver spent too long looking at the other lanes for a gap.

  4. Great to hear you're relatively OK, could have been so much worse... still sux though.
  5. it happens all too often, nice to hear your alive and well. is there none of the same bike you can get at all? cause then if you cant, does not that mean you need a newer better one?
  6. hey

    i was almost hit by a single mother lady this morning. splitting past kingsway crown pass, the lady swift to the left lane just when i was about to pass. i braked and went side way of her car (bit to the left in conjunction with her direction), thank god the road is dry today. she said 'that's what you get for illegally splitting'. didn't even know its legal in vic!. she did that with her daughter on the passenger seat! can't believe that. we exchanged words, and she pop the middle finger. LOL

    watch out there are insane people(ladies are more reckless) out there. sometimes made me wonder 'does bike really attract chicks???'
  7. farking rear enders suck hard!!!
  8. Hope you screamed back at the top of your lungs "That what you heard on AM radio? YOU IGNORENT UGLY MOLE'

    I don’t know why you blade rider where not splitting, especially travelling in peak hour at 30kph, 50% of road accidents are rear enders, me i don’t even touch my brakes without knowing how close cages are behind me, and if traffic up ahead starts to slow down then i start to split.
    Commiserations & get well soon dude.
  9. Bad luck to you mate, as the poster above me put it: If the traffic is slowing, split it up! It's safer than sitting stationary behind a car with two teensy little lights to show you're there.

    GL finding another black blade :)
  10. Hey Ezer My bike was the latest model only got it 4 months ago and had only done 7700 kms Well it was 06 but the 07 is the same but has a black swing-arm,. My colour was limited edition being completely black. The 07 is black and grey and just doesn't look as good. Spoke to insurance this morning and they are letting me go and get the power commander alarm system rear cowl and a few other bits off the bike.

    Hey DuHAST Generally I lane split all the time as I save about 45 mins each way to and from work riding the bike but for once I was tired riding home and the traffic braked so quickly that I just thought I will do the right thing for once and slow down. Wish I didn't now though
  11. Sorry to hear about your mishap mate! Hope all is gid with your back!

    I have had very much near similar experiences in the past (and just the other day!).
    Every time I have followed the (seemingly only car based) road rules, it has almost ended in tragidy. From near rear-enders, vehicles swinging into my lane, drivers yelling at me to actually split through instead of occupying space (believe that!). So idot no more. I always filter, split and of course when at the lights, sit nearest in between the lanes as possible.

    Had a copper pull up next to me when I was stationary at the lights, almost riding the white line. He looked me up and down and said, which lane are you in mate. I said, the one thats keeping my butt from going airborne. :LOL:

    On another not, hang in there buddy just seen that the 08 fireblade is on the way ~October / November. V4 10 kilogram lighter, dual exhuast like the gixxer!!
  12. Hope you get better soon Matrix, sorry about your back & bike.
    I love the look of the all black blade.

    Dodgy M4 drivers strike again.. I hope the driver gets the book thrown at them.
  13. That is both gay and why I make sure I'm the one overtaking everything else.

    May your bones heal, and your insurance company treat you nicely!
  14. I'd say in peak hour at 30kph, on a road that the posted speed is 80kph+, splitting is more dangerous than not. Mainly because people continually change lanes to get into the 'fast lane' , doing it very quickly without a head check or indication.
  15. fcuk me! glad your alive.

    are you able to tell us exactly what the first thing you heard come out of the cagers mouth?

    i'd be interested in hearing what an idiot has to say for themselves after nearly killing another human!

    the road is full of morons!
  16. What, they'll get 200 hours community service instead of 100 hours? :LOL:
    Bad luck mate, I am all over the mirrors in situations like this, I've seen it happen to too many othr vehicles. I always have an out in front of me.
    Having said that< I don't know your exact situation!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I think she said "Are you alright I thought you were dead" She was crying and I was still trying to get my bearings and I was searching for my bike not realising how far it had bounced up the road.

    Alot of cars stopped to help me but 4 others bikes just rode past me while I was lying on the road, I was suprised that they didn't stop to lend a hand.

    Here is what my bike looks like now

  18. What, they'll get 200 hours community service instead of 100 hours?
    Bad luck mate, I am all over the mirrors in situations like this, I've seen it happen to too many othr vehicles. I always have an out in front of me.
    Having said that< I don't know your exact situation!

    Regards, Andrew.

    It was over before it began, About 1 second after I hit the brakes I was superman flying above the cars and landed not so gracefully on my back. I didn't know what hit me She didn't even brake at all and was doing about 100
  19. Glad you're ok.

    On the bright side, rumour has it next year's 'Blade is going to be a V4 and heavily styled on the MotoGP bike :)
  20. Riders didn't stop!!!! That happened to me too.

    No good man, no good.