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Stupid - dead battery - help!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Julien, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. First week with my Street Triple. I love it. I commute everyday to work with it and park it in the underground car park at work.

    There is one new stupid new thing on the ST3 I didn't have on the GS500.

    When you turn the key all the way to the left to turn off the bike, it turns off the bike but also switches on the lights. To just turn off the bike without turning the lights on you have to stop just one click before the far left....

    Basically, I left my lights on all day yesterday and could not start my bike to go home at the end of the day... I'm an idiot...](*,)

    So today, I bought a battery charger (Projecta 900mA trickle charger). The problem is that when I put the battery to charge, the "charging" light on the charger does not switch on...

    Does that mean that the battery is dead and that my mistake is going to cost me a brand new battery???
  2. It's those damn cheap Chinese projecta chargers. I've got one too. You'll probably find it is only a bad connection between the harness.

    If the battery is easily accessible try using the connection straight to the battery & see if it works.

    If so, using the harness, giggle it till it starts working. First the orange light then green.
  3. Unfortunately that didn't work. The manual for the charger says that it can't recharge a battery when there too little power left in the battery. Should I try to jumstart The bike with my car?
  4. the charger should have a light/led combination telling you what is wrong