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stupid criminal tales

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. share you tales of idots who prove they are idiots.

    an american man was wanted by police facing serious charges. [murder, bank theft, something like that]. he manage to slip the country and become a fugitive.

    years later, while living happily in UK he got robbed. he called the cops who asked for his finger prints so they can rule them out in serch for the robbers prints.

    he obliged and was sent straight to prisson.
  2. I read this in the MX the other day...

    Somewhere in the US a guy was on trial for stealing computer equipment. During a court recess he was caught attempting to steal a PC from the courthouse.
  3. ha ha ha!

    i guess we've all seen the surveillance tape footage of the guy with the large cinder block throw it at a shop window. instead of smashing the glass the block bounced back and hit him on the forehead.
  4. We had a guy up here break into a bottle shop. He went out to teh fridge and broke into that to get a SINGLE SLAB of cold beer. Because it took him so long to break into teh locked fridge, the police arrived and arrested him.
    DOesn't sound stupid right? Well, he walked right past a big stack of slabs of the exact same beer, in a display right next to the front doors! All he had to do was pick a slab up and go!
    3 years for a slab of beer, genius!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. We had a guy at work i arrested for smashing the entrance, but when we went back and watched the footage, he was that pissed he took his first run up at the glass automatic door and attempted to body slam it, but missed at hit the metal support, knocked himself out for a few seconds, got back up and tried a second time, and just when the glass smashed my partner walked around the corner to see him run into it.
  6. when i was at coles lindfield an arab woman came in at 5am. we watched her put food in envelopes in her hand bag on the monitors.

    when she reached the check out we inspected her bag and called the police [coles always gets the cops] she got down on her knee and said;

    "is this the welcome i get to your country?"
  7. i was in campbelltown with a friend last week in his commodore (young male in a new car need i say more) when we saw the cops turn on their sirens and drive straight up to us and park. they proceeded to get out of their car hands, on guns, running around looking for someone under a bridge. they skipped back to the car ( both big and around 40+). we thought that was hilariousand then about 10 minutes later 2 young cops on foot run over to the car and as they went to open the door, the older cop drove forward, this went on about 3 or 4 times and then they drove off.
  8. they should av done that to the fat ones!