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Stupid cow

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by djay, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. So I'm on my way into work and the car in front of me who is turning right (with the right of way) decides to slam on the brakes early to give way to someone who's coming out of a little side street. OK fine - I do an emergency stop and was congratulating myself on pulling up in time.

    Then...the stupid cow then decides to reverse back with speed because she wants to give even more room to the other car who she's trying to give way to (even though the cow has right of way). Good thing I got my horn fixed and managed to waddle back by a few centimeters as that tiny distance is all that was left when she finally heard me and stopped.

    We both got around the corner and I pull up beside her window to show her the distance that was left between our vehicles and find her texting on her mobile phone - she looks at me and rolls her eyes at me. ARGH!!

    She zooms off and tries to park around the corner (where we both work). I followed her and as you can imagine I very kindly informed her of how close she came to knocking me over and running over me and suggested that she apologise instead of rolling her eyes.

    My hands have almost stopped shaking.

    Stupid cow.
  2. Had a similar thing happen except I was parked and taking my gear off, the guy was trying to park beside me and decided to cut through half of my parking bay and within 5 centimetres of my front tyre. Gave the window and right rear panel a bit of "tap" "tap" and kindly told the "MOFO nearly hit my bike you stup1d c#%t......are you f'n blind?". His reply was "oh I saw your bike there all the time".

    I tell ya some of these cagers are pathetic. DJAY your one seemed far worse, I think I would have blown my lid in your situation, I really hate those eye rollers.
  3. Hi djay.... sorry to hear about the cow!! Unfortunately there are a few of them around:-s

    This week end i was waiting 1st in line at lights in the left lane, turning left. The lights change and the effing cow in a Barina which was behind me... decides to cut me off on my inside left!! WTF??

    I catch her up, sit in the right hand lane (she is in the left).. I am level with her window and I shout "wtf do you think you are doing you effing idiot" she stares ahead and then makes a left turn....

    Argh!! Just nuts!!
  4. You guys seem to have some self control, i think i'd have punched the window in rage or kicked the car. (congrats on keeping somewhat cool).
  5. as The Prodigy would say....smack the biatch

    but seriously, what a ****ing cow. this is why I want an air horn attached to my bike so i can blow out their ****ing rear windows.

    congrats on not physically reacting and smashing something on her precious little cage. don't know if i would've reacted the same...

    the recent talk in the news about banning mobile phones from cagers has some cred it seems.
    Gather 'round boys :D
  7. Sorry to hear about this, I do believe they really all out to kill us. You should have had at least an apology, but then, that shows the mentality of what is out there. Glad you came out ok.
  8. i've seen djay get mad when i tell her she's not using enough braking power...wouldn't want to fight her! :)
  9. Haha. She actually looked pretty scared when I parked my bike and came over to her. In hindsight I think she probably hadn't noticed I was a girl so was feeling safe in the thought that a bloke wouldn't hit her. As soon as I got my helmet off she looked petrified.

    Thanks for the sympathy guys. I'm feeling calmer now :)
  10. Im really bad at identifying male/females in the forum, maybe I should check profiles first.

    Mav hows your anti cager deterant going......werent you going to install a bat and throwing marbles or something? Now those would have been very handy in the OP's situation.
  11. It's actually just turned into an awesome day! I've been waiting on a shipment of a new jacket and pants from the US for agggges. They've finally arrived and instead of the 2 pairs of pants I ordered - there are 5 in there!

    I think they extras may be the wrong size but free is free =D>

    if any in my size (fat lard arse) lemmie know :D
  13. I love the fact that pants can cancel out a near death experience for women.
  14. Imagine if there were free shoes in there :shock:
  15. check your credit card that they didn't charge you for 5

    use it to your advantage...next time your missus / woman / ho gets mad at you, just take her clothes shopping...one item per grievance

    but yeah, it's definately a phenomenom
  16. Ill buy a pair of pants of you if you have them in my girlfriends size, PM me if your interested :)
  17. i know of someone who was reversed into while they were holding their horn down.
    turned out the driver was deaf.
    deaf people can hold a drivers licence.

    that said, even though i'm usually really cool, the eye rolling would have burst my bubble.
    i would take her eyes home with me and eat them with rice.
  18. i'm not a fan of shoes.

    actually, i'm not a fan of shopping in general. thus anything free and in my size is excellent.

    i do love motorbike and motorbike accessories shopping though :D
  19. I totally agree lowercase! Shopping is the devil. Shoes are overrated. But free stuff rocks!