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Stupid cop vs Slow-reacting learner

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Donuts, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. So I've been teaching my girlfriend to drive, as her Mum is too nervous behind the wheel as it is, and she'd like to get her manual license. She's doing pretty well now, but still doesn't react great to everything (comes with time and practice, I guess).

    Today we're driving along this stretch of 60 km/h road, and theres a divvy van parked in the bus stop - no lights flashing, just parked there.

    We're following a car in front, and maybe 50 metres before we pass this cop car the guy steps out onto the road, starts waving his breathalyser at the car infront of us who has to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the cop.
    My girlfriend does the same, but doesn't brake quite hard enough and gets way too close to the car in front - to the point where I'm yelling "STOP" now and leaning over to steer us around the car incase she doesn't in time.

    She does. Cop is standing there shaking his head at us, meanwhile me and my passenger are shaking our heads at him for stepping infront of traffic with no warning.

    Girlfriend got a talking to from me about following distances and paying attention... Cop will undoubtedly be jumping infront of cars in the name of road safety for years to come!

    Next practice lesson is going to be an obstacle course in an industrial estate ;)

  2. heard of this happening too many times.
    i vote every cop who has done this should lose his badge,
    it's downright dangerous and the cop will shirk responsibility when it all turns to shit and someone crashes.
    fkn muppets!
  3. Granted it's a stupid thing to do on purpose but how is it any different to a kid running out in front of you except that you'd already noticed a divvy van and so your attention was focussed, if it was a kid you wouldn't get any warning. Lesson learned for L driver about following distances and situational awareness/ scanning i reckon.
  4. If your driver is slower to react due to processing unfamiliar inputs, then they either need to leave MORE space up front, or drive slower. No ifs or buts.

    +1 on the cop muppet comment. Got startled like this not that long ago. It's not safe.
  5. What's the drama? It's darwinian if a grown man gets run down for jumping out in front of traffic.
  6. its also negligent driving, manslaughter or whatever else they want to throw at you
  7. So how is running over a kid who suddenly runs out into traffic anyones fault besides its parents.Same with the cop.You can only do so much to avoid the avoidable.I came close to a muilti verhical
    pileup one night going to the snow,cops had setup a booze bus around a blind bend in the rain at 900pm on an expressway in the middle of nowhere,the panic braking that this caused was crazy.
  8. Ahh, this reminds me of my one up i allegedly have on the police. I allegedly "ran over" an officer about 7 years ago.
    Was a long weekend (i forget which it was for...) and i was living in Charlestown (newcastle-ish suburb). There was a RBT blitz on in town, they had brought in some 300 officers from outside the region.

    I was driving along a road called Scenic Drive from the beach heading home about oh... 10pm, and there is a blind (embankment with long grass) left hand bend just short of a school where this muppet of a cop leapt out about 15 metres in front of me from behind a black unmarked cop car and frantically waved his stop police sign. He quickly realised his mistake so he kept going forwards to get out of my way. Unfortunately for him, besides being born stupid, thats the way i went to avoid him, and it was all too late for either of us to change our minds.

    I dont know how i missed him, he would have been good on the olympic team i think. I pulled over into the rbt trap that was set up with 20 or so cops were dealing with cars, and hopped out for a moment of heart panic thinking "any second now out will come the cuffs". Apart from swearing from the officer in question, he was limping. His fellow colleagues were pissing themselves laughing, as they had apparently told him after several near misses to get away from the corner somewhat so people have a warning he is about to leap out.
    What he was shouting out was that i had ran him over. The reason i said allegedly there earlier is i dont remember feeling a bump or a knock like i had hit anything. Also, im not sure how i could run over his foot from behind him but oh well... magic i guess.
    While he was being laughed at and yelled at by the senior cop running the trap, i was breath tested, told they saw him trip and faceplant into the road, not get hit by me, and i was sent off, with a kind reassuring pat on the shoulder and told "you'll be right mate off you go".

    Whole time was one of these moments... 8-[8-[8-[

    edit: was in a car of course :p
  9. Jumping out in front of traffic to stop them is something that REALLY shits me. I've complained to police about the way they pull people over, having observed some dodgy things.

    The gist of the complaint to them;

    Their response to that issue..
    But they just ignore the whole point that suddenly asking someone to pull over is dangerous.

    I've also previously had a cop beside the street and just as I approached he jumped out in front with a light wand to pull over. I had to mash the brakes to comply.

    To add to the retardation, the response to my comments about revenue raising..
    Oh great, thanks.
  10. My mate had the same thing happen to him driving through the main street with a discreet RBT set up, cop must have seen his P-plate and has jumped out from the footpath with his sign waving him down and my mate went hard on the brakes, then the copper got the shits at him saying he'd book him for neg driving etc, when the copper didn't even give him enough notice to pull over in a 70kmh zone. This was when he was on red P plates, so obviously not much driving experience, and as a cop he should have realised he wouldn't have reacted quickly, he just saw P-plate and thought about raping a P-plater
  11. Don't mash the brakes, pull in and stop safely. If you end up stopping after the trap you've done nothing wrong, you've complied with their directions. If they ark up explain it to them you pulled over like they asked, they wouldn't win a failure to stop charge in court over it.

    My favorite on the bike is, these cops in NSW cannot allow any vehicle to leave an RBT unless the front vehicle has left (may be just motorbikes). Took my sweet ass time getting my gear back on after being harassed on the side of the road too...must have missed testing dozens of people!
  12. Witnessed something similar while commuting through london a few years ago well close to 20 on a wet(and sleet) winters day this cop jumped out on a old lambretta these things don`t have the best brakes the poor old dude who was riding the scooter had about 2 feet to stop didn`t have a chance, the cop and lambretta ended up sliding down the road(fleet street busy main road ) I pulled over to help cop/old mate both bit shaken nothing serious the cop gave the old bloke a right serve ended it trying to charge him for dangerous driving,a few minutes later a bike cop pulled up,we had a chat told him exactly what happened and who I thought was at fault,gave old mate my details in case it went any further,thing is old mate worked in a solicitors office,case dismissed.
  13. Good replies guys, figured this had probably happened to a few of us (preferably not on the bike!).

    In reply to a few of the earlier posts - no excuses for the learner, I had already pointed out the divvy van as a "potential hazard" (was more right than I realised :p) and she should have been leaving a larger gap (which is my fault, too).

    Like I said in OP - this weekend its time for an obstacle course in a industrial area, teach her braking distances and whatnot. Given it's a somewhat popular hoon area (relative to the rest of my quiet town, at least), we might even have some cops jump infront of us to put her new skills to the test! :)
  14. Many years ago in the UK my sister ran into the back of someone who'd been stopped suddenly in an inappropriate spot just aorund a bend by an over-zealous foolish cop.

    Once all the insurance details were exchanged and everyone was content, the orginal driver was NOT issued with a ticket for speeding (which was why they were pulled over) and everyone was waved on their way with an apology.

    The insurance claim ended up being settled by the police as they admitted having caused the accident.

    Can you imagine an Australian police force admitting a mistake and paying up like that? :rofl:
  15. A bit unreleated (dont mean to hijack this).
    But I was just outside before and a cop on a motorbike was leaving a set of lights at an intersection. He crossed the intersection and as he did a Maxi-Taxi pulled out from the kerb almost taking him out. He slammed on his brakes and put on the horn, the taxi darted back into his lane and kept on going only to do it again about 10 meters further.
    Cop put on the disco lights and pulled him over. :D :D
    Score one for the Motorbikes.
  16. If you are obeying the roads rules and someone who is concealed jumps out in front of you -- what can you do - nothing

    You are innocent 100 %

    this is why they know take a blood alcohol sample from pedestrians that are hit by vehicles - too many drunks just fall onto the road from the foorpath
  17. cop did it to me in yarra glen from the side where its gravel right on the verge of the asphalt, stood in my path very late and motioned to the side into the gravel.

    very smart.

    i emergency stopped (on the asphalt) and the cop jumped out of the way, realizing his error.

    First thing he said was "sorry mate".
  18. Years ago, when I was in the military, we used to see the guys from NSW SOG periodically, and have a few beers.

    One of the SOG guy's told me about this guy who went through Basic training with him, stepping out on the Hume near Goulbourn with his Little Light stick to flag down a B double that was speeding. Needless to say the truck barely managed to pull up in time, and was jack knifed across the Hume. Trainee Cop needed new pants Literally, and the supervising officer got reprimanded. Trucker got a fine for speeding(15 and less). Took 3 hours to move the truck.
  19. Actually that reminds me, one of the earlier episodes of highway patrol is a young girl in a BMW or Merc doing 150+ along some rural highway - they picked her up with hand-held radar.
    Cop steps out onto the road waving his tiny glowstick, then is shocked when she almost hits him :-s .

    Also got to love the recent episode where SUV soccer Mum gets out of a ticket for 81 in a 60 zone because she flirted back with the cop =D> . Wonder if appealing a fixed camera ticket with "I was distracted thinking about my holiday" would work ](*,).
  20. I got pinged coming over a crest with the cops hiding behind it doing 108 in an 80 zone, own stupid fault, cop jumps out into the left hand lane (I'm in the right) and signals for me to pull over... But because of the lack of warning, the speed and the fact that I have to change lanes whilst slowing down on a fast road with a crest behind me that I can't see over, I'm a good 30m+ from the cop. He huffs over, gets my license, asks for my excuse, huffs back to the car, comes back and claims he's suspending my license for being an L plater (which I was at the time, for a car, which I was not in). I point out the mistake, and then he has to do a few more trips back and forth, all the while unable to pull anyone else over :angel:

    He needed the exercise anyway :p